Why Is The Agent The Boss And Not Vice Versa?


Alex Kovalev had his say at his annual golf tournament in Montreal a few days ago:

Kovy said his first choice all along was Montreal, that in a perfect world he would finish his career playing at the Bell Centre. “I was disappointed. I thought for sure I’d be staying. I couldn’t really understand what had just happened.”

“I’ve been back 4 or 5 times, and every time I see a fan on the street, they’re really disappointed”

“Maybe after two years I’ll be back. It would be nice to retire here, but it’s not for me to talk about Montreal. – I’m part of another organization. I’m going to go there and do the best I can, and we’ll see what happens.”

Kovalev said the Senators were one of the few teams willing to offer him more than a one-year contract. “Ottawa was kind of the last choice for us.”

Maybe we can examine this a little:

“I couldn’t really understand what had just happened.” Why couldn’t you understand?  You’re in charge of your end of things, not your agent. If you dream of playing out your career in Montreal, don’t you make sure your agent knows this and hammers out a deal for you that suits yourself and Gainey? You’re the boss, Kovy. You pay your agent a percentage to work for you. If he ruined your plans, fire his ass. However, maybe Bob Gainey had no intention of bringing you back. In that case, forget about coming back in a couple of years like you say.

“Every time I see a fan on the street, they’re disappointed.” Yes, fans are disappointed. Okay, not every fan, but lots. You were one of the few who decided to play in the Boston series last year. But really, Kovy, most fans aren’t going to tell you good riddance even if they wanted to. Canadians aren’t like that. We’re nice to our athletes.  And speaking for myself, I’m very disappointed you aren’t a Hab anymore, for what it’s worth.

“My first choice was Montreal.” And it should be. Montreal’s the greatest hockey town in the world. It’s the classiest outfit in the league. And you’re going to not only a close rival to the Habs, but a team which has never had a goalie, couldn’t get the job done in the past even with elite lineups, and has a major kerfuffle going with Dany Heatley, a guy who’d better hired a PR guy and spin doctor quickly before he’s hated even more than Sean Avery.

“We couldn’t get any better offer from anybody else.” Kovy, if staying in Montreal was your dream, what is so wrong with not taking a raise, or even a slight cut in pay? When you’ve made millions over the years, is it the end of the world if you settle for less to stay with the team you loved? And don’t you and other players realize that agents don’t hang tough for raises because they love you – it’s because they get a percentage of your salary and they want a raise too. They could care less where you go, as long as you keep paying them. So as rich as you are, money still mattered more than staying with the Habs, especially to your agent who seems to be calling the shots.

“If we didn’t sign (with Ottawa), we were going to to end up some place else for one year.” If Montreal was offering you only a one-year deal, why not take it, Kovy, because you wanted to stay? Then, all you have to do is play great, which you would do, and your chances increase substantially that you’d be offered another year or maybe two from Gainey. Then you could play out your career here like you wanted. You just had to play well, which isn’t a lot to ask.

12 thoughts on “Why Is The Agent The Boss And Not Vice Versa?”

  1. exactly Dennis,why didn’t he?The Habs weren’t ready to go through another year of on off performance from Kovalev.He could be one of the most sought after people in the nhl,but he chooses not to.Personally Dennis I was a Kovalev supporter,but because of his selfish ways since he came to Montreal I’m glad he ‘s gone.I listened to that interview you spoke of,he said he didn’t want to talk about what happened,but it didn’t take long to get right into speaking why he wasn’t in Montreal anymore.Let’s give someone else a chance who appreciates the fact that they are actually playing for the Habs.

  2. But when he was on, he was on. Like in the Boston series. Remember that slapshot from the point that no goalie in the world would’ve stopped? He’s an enigma.

  3. Maybe he slept in. In that case, he must have slept in from Friday because they had tabled a contract for him by Draft day. Ergo, Kovy made a booboo and now has to watch the town he loves from an hour away.

    I just wonder if they can handle having Kovy. He’s a special type of guy and player, and I don’t think a walk along the Rideau Canal with Bryan Murray will work as well as a walk through the Old Port with Bob Gainey.

  4. I’ll miss AK27 in the BBR and he’ll miss the CHeers of true hockey fans cuz dem Sens fans can be vewy qwiet, heh, heh, heh, heh. Sssshh, its hockey season.

  5. It really does beg the question, who works for who? As usual with Kovy nothing is ever simple or black or white. You have to dipsey doodle through his website too. Aaarrggghh. I’ll still miss the big lug.

  6. Another thing, at the end of the season, Komo was singing the “I don’t know, it’s up to my agent” bullcrap as well. I never once heard that ever coming out of Koivu. He said if it’s a fair offer of course he’d be back. He never mentioned his agent, he obviously called the shots. That’s why I think the other two are full of it.

  7. Montreal has always had therep of bringing the boys from the farm to bolster up there roster,they have alot of young aspiring stars(not as talented as kovalev mind you) waiting for the chance to make something of themselves lets see what they can do.

  8. Koivu handled everything much differently for sure, Moey. These agents drive me crazy. I fully understand that without them, GM’s would underpay players like in the old days. But agents shouldn’t be in charge, the players should be. And I think in the majority of cases, it’s the agents who call the shots. Players just want to concentrate on playing and leave the business side to the agents, but if you really want to live in a certain city, like Kovalev did, and you’re already rich beyond your wildest dreams, then you should put your foot down and tell the agent to shut up, this is the way its going to be.

  9. That’s right, 31. Probably the agent wanted to sqeeze a couple of bucks more into his pocket, which blew the whole thing up.And now, with Kovy’s age, even if he wants to come back after two years, would it happen?

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