Why Cities Should Suck Up To Their Teams

How unappreciative can an NHL city be as far as its local team goes?  The mayor’s office in Vancouver is a good example.

Below is a link to a case made by a Vancouver hockey writer that might convince city council in cities with NHL teams to start kissing their team’s rear end a little bit more. Maybe a lot more.

The column was written recently by long-time Vancouver Province hockey scribe Tony Gallagher, a guy who can both impress and infuriate, depending on how much of a Canucks’ homer he is at the time. Here he lays it on the line, and he does so after hearing that the city of Vancouver wants the Canucks to chip in for police costs after the Stanley Cup rioting this last spring.

From Gallagher, a look at how an NHL team benefits a city. This is a great read, and after the fourth paragraph or so, he begins to make a case that would make Perry Mason proud. Just click Tony Gallagher and see why cities should start sucking up just a little bit more to these teams. 


10 thoughts on “Why Cities Should Suck Up To Their Teams”

  1. Putting a massive crowd in one place is asking for trouble, especially when it’s a sporting event. The only time it may be safe is when it’s the Olympics or if it’s something that effects us all (say like a moon landing or something). For a sporting event you need that extra security, especially in today’s world, because there will also be a bunch of yahoos who will cause trouble. That’s all you need to get the ball rolling.

    Vancouver has come out looking really bad in all of this. They’ve become the big laughingstock of the NHL.

  2. mayor robertson just wants more money for his over the top green shit………. guys like that never take responsibility………………. vancouver may be the greenest city in the universe but it has one big black eye so don’t blame the nhl or the canucks for your own incompetence.

  3. I don’t understand, the mayor wants the team to pay for the extra policing that wasn’t present during the rioting. If the city had spent a bit of money beforehand the riot would never have started which ultimately cost much more. Or maybe Vancouver would prefer a team like the Laffs which avoid all excitement by never making the play-offs.

  4. Chris, reports say there weren’t nearly enough cops present even though trouble was expected. It’s a head scratcher. And very soon charges will begin to be laid, they say. It’s about time.

  5. That’s right, Hobo. They should never blame the Caunucks or the NHL, and they have a lot of balls to think the Canucks should chip in for the policing, especially after Gallagher lists the number of ways the team brings in money to the city. It’s just crazy.

  6. Darth, this rioting has become such a fad it’s sickening. Boston, Montreal, Vancouver. What, do these people think they should be like some of the soccer hooligans of the past? It’s all nuts. I say put them all in the electric chair, one after another.

  7. Hey Dennis

    I must admit I have not read Tony Gallagher for years.Not starting now.When I was at UBC many moons ago Tony wrote sports for The Ubyssey and Powell River native Rick Button took the pictures.Sadly Rick Button passed away from cancer.He was the nice half of the duo.

    I was once on a mini bus trip to Seattle to see the Sonics play the Bulls.Tony Gallagher and his son were on the trip.What a surly unfriendly person.What a little j*rk!

    I have at times shared season tickets and had packs for the Canucks(&Grizzlies).When the Canucks became corporate on their move downtown I have slowly lost interest.And drinking has been a problem at the Canucks and Lions games.Personally I would ban alcohol sales at sporting events.

    I am sick of Gregor Robertson,Susan Anton,Jim Chu etc. not taking some responsiblity for a pathetic security plan.And many of the rioters ‘were’ Canucks fans.And the Furlong’s report … what a joke!Political hack.

    And once at a Canucks’ game at The Garage a couple of drunk thugs threatened a friend and I.Luckily we got saved by the VPD.

    And in a recent edition of the Mojo Magazine(British Music Magazine) members of The Specials(UK Ska band popular in the post punk era) predicted Britain was ripe for rioting because of the huge number of unemployed young males.The prediction turned out correct.

    And having gone to many a soccer game in Europe during the 1970s I am glad I survived!

    And,of course, the rioters should be charged,tried and jailed if found guilty.

    My wee rant is complete.



    Go! Kings! Go!

  8. Good rant, Doug. Thanks. Gary Lupul used to say that Gallagher was an arrogant bastard too. But regardless, the case he makes for all the money brought in to the city by the team is extemely valid and it seems the politicians maybe don’t quite understand. It’s a cash cow for the city and they should kiss the team’a ass, not ask them for money to pay for the policing. But it doesn’t surprise me. Politicians are an unusual breed anyway. I could never understand why Ken Dryden wanted to be one.

  9. I hear you, Darth. Quebec politics has been aa soap opera for years. The Canadiens are taxed too highly, and the Expos had to go. Along with the day to day circus.

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