Whupped By Wild

The Canadiens fell 6-3 to the Wild in Minnesota on Thursday evening, thus ending any thoughts of a modest yet dandy three-game winning streak, or in fact, four wins in five games. It was too much to ask, three wins in a row, and we’re now forced to settle for a lousy two-game streak instead.

The 8-3 explosion over Ottawa on Monday is a distant memory, a one-night oddity, a solid destruction of the Sens. A night when the boys were on fire.

Monday was so long ago.

Fans will be upset with Carey Price again, after a mediocre night against the Wild which saw the home team jump into a first period 3-0 stranglehold, and Don Cherry will once again call Habs fans ‘frontrunners’.

Frontrunners. For me the word means ‘leading the pack’. But I guess it also describes fair-weathered fans, which is what Cherry meant. Is that what we are? I don’t see the problem.

Thursday’s game in Minny was also a boring bastard, save for late in the third frame when, after the Wild had jumped out to a ridiculous 5-1 lead, Andrew Shaw and then Brendan Gallagher (with his second of the night), narrowed things to 5-3. A quick flurry shortly after saw the gang come close, and it almost seemed that a miraculous comeback could be in the works.

And then….fizz.

An empty netter by the Wild killed that silly comeback notion.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot Minnesota 31-27 and were 0/1 on the power play.

Andrew Shaw netted his first of the season.

The Wild’s first two goals came 10 seconds apart in the first period, at 4:46 and again at 4:56. And at the risk of sounding like a frontrunner, Carey Price looked awkward on the first, and in giving the puck away seconds later, wasn’t able to completely regroup and just like that, it was 2-0.

If Price was on his game, both goals would never had happened.

Next up for the Habs is a visit to Winnipeg on Saturday. Then it’s Sunday in Chicago.



8 thoughts on “Whupped By Wild”

  1. Hi Dennis….it is getting serious isn’t it ? CP is looking very ordinary and perhaps even worse. Personally I think the team has taken a big step backwards in personnel. Many critics of Emelin by now maybe are seeing him as better than many gave him credit for. Gezz at least he threw a body check once in awhile. Look the NHL is getting close to a no contact league and many will agree ( old timers like me ) anyhow but dammit this team doesn’t throw a check with exception of a couple players. Their d is soft and lack creativity….Markov was important in hindsight for his skill of hitting the forwards and also his play on the pp . This team even if by some stroke of luck makes the playoffs won’t be successful. Besides they are perhaps the most boring team we have seen in a long, long time. It’s really difficult to like this team when you consider the mediocrity of the present organization.

  2. Hi Cliff. I thought I was one of very few fans who appreciated Emelin, so thanks for that. You’re right, it seems almost like a non-contact team, and maybe league, now. I think Plekanec is finished, he’s hardly effective on any night, and Price, well……..I remember in other years he had bad times as well, but it was usually later on. The problem with him playing so poorly now is that they’ve found themselves in a big hole right off the bat, and climbing out might be too much, especially if he doesn’t shape up. They need him in a big way. Such boring hockey as well. I find myself staring at my feet way too often.

  3. I’d put Petry in that group also. He has to be softest d-man in modern day hockey. He has been a sensational disappointment. I often used to wonder how a GM could possibly go after a player like Petry. I mean he has all the time in the world to assess the player and a host of backup opinions to either confirm or dispute his conclusion. I shake my head on this one. MB is not a good person to be in charge of player trades but you have include his lacks also. The team will be mediocre for awhile after they dump this incompetent GM. Hire the best for the job next time regardless of language.

  4. Every so often I have the chance to see Don Cherry and Ron McLean and must admit that I get a real hoot watching these guys. What is the scoop on these in Canada? Am I laughing out loud at them because their shtick hasn’t worn off on me yet? Cherry is in a world of his own….just wondering what my fellow Canadians living in Canada think about them.

  5. Hi Dennis.
    Just wanted to drop you a line and tell that 52 of my fellow Sens Army fans are heading over to Stockholm next week to take in the NHL Global series as we play the Avalanche on Friday and Saturday. Six days in Sweden….should be a lot of fun!!!
    Not sure what’s wrong with the Habs this year as you seem to be able to kick our ass rather convincingly. But should the Habs continue to slide feel free to jump on the bandwagon of the team just down the highway…….and I’m not talking of that team in blue and white. JW.

  6. Hi Pat. For me, the novelty of Ron and Don wore off several years ago. Certainly Don Cherry knows his hockey, he has an impressive resume, that’s for sure.He’s a Leafs and Bruins homer, and his act has worn thin with certain people, including me. As for Ron Maclean, I’m not a fan at all. I find him to be the most pretentious on-air person that I can think of, although he’s a bit better with Don. But when he’s doing other things on TV he makes me cringe. He used to be the MC at the NHL awards shows, but I found him completely hokey. When he tries to get dramatic about hockey he goes way over the top and I want to gag.

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