Who’s The Mug?


This guy hasn’t been happy about the Habs lately and he keeps shouting, “Wait until I’m stickboy. Things will change then.”

I was told I should sometimes try different things on my blog and this is what I’m doing.

This is me.

Originally I put “calm down ladies” but I took it out because some might think I was serious.

28 thoughts on “Who’s The Mug?”

  1. Hey Dennis;I’m sorry buddy but you will have to lose quite a few pounds(kilos) to become a stick boy.Stick men aren’t that big either, weighing in at a gram or two.Maybe a better thought would be to become a Gumby, so you could bend over backwards to make the Habs win,openthe bench door while pulling a spare stick off the rack could become a thing to watch for,I’m trying something diffwrent to help out the cause,you may attract some stick ladies though.

  2. Hi Dennis – You look distinguished and tres intelligent! Keep your current hair color, you look marvelous!

  3. I’m still looking for a time Machine, Diane. And intelligent? I’m a Habs fan. How intelligent can I be?

  4. DK, is that you or Jacques Demers ??
    Cheers from the East !!!
    PS I’m still in shock after those last two games. Our team attended as spectators.

  5. Jacques Demers. I’m way older than that guy. And I think he’s got four or five dollars more than me. So there’s no resemblance at all.

  6. Dennis, dare I say that your odds of dating a supermodel are much better than 88,000 to 1.
    My beautiful and wonderful wife, who I love with all my heart, said “that’s a nice picture!” when she saw your handsome image. And you know she has great taste. Hey, she picked me!


    Put a tux on and you can be the stunt double for this guy:


  7. Danno. Sean Connery. My ex-wife might say I’m the furthest thing from him there is. I just wish I had his voice, I would’ve been a rock DJ.

  8. DK, That may be true, but your insite and Habs knowledge far exceeds JD’s !
    I also checked & it seems you’ve won the contest regarding the the blog to visit congrates !!! I know you must have extra cash stashed away, how else could you be the silent owner & also the official stick boy & flag bearer for your beloved team. Could you arrange seats at the Bell CTR. for me, but please not right behind the players bench (see I’ve been paying attention to all your posts–re Calgary). I just might to have to whack them all if what we’ve seen lately continues !
    Keep up the great work & site, I look forward to veiwing each & every day!!
    Your Bud from day’s gone by(far too many) !!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!

  9. Mike, DK cannot possibly be the Canadien’s flag bearer. Look carefully at the start of the home games. Those are not little kids. It’s Brian Gionta and Mike Cammalleri.

  10. Mike, thanks for that. That vote thing, I’ve no idea. I It was suppose to end a week ago. I’m in the lead but it doesn’t matter. I’ll just do my thing regardless. Anyway, not only will I be owner, stick boy and flag guy, but also the guy in charge of making the players’ wives comfortable. I’m here to serve. Anyway, to anyone out there, Mike and I have been buddies since our teens, been through the wild and hazy, crazy drug and alcohol-induced days, and have come out the other end as relatively sane and normal. Mike’s a great guy. And a huge Habs fan. And always has been.

  11. Danno, I even wrote to the team last year, asking to be flag guy, and they said no. What’s with that? How come these little bastards get to do this and we don’t?

  12. Phil, once again you’ve said all the right things. I need to get to China and have a beer with you.

  13. Dennis, I say all the right things to you and travel to Boston to hoist a brewski or 5 will be in order before a trip to China. Come on! It will be fun. I promise Nancy will meet you. Don’t forget Gaston.

  14. A beer? Since it’s too far, we’ll simulate it here.
    Cheers, bottoms up!

    and I suspect in about 3 hours, we’ll be slurring the Canadian Anthem

    O Canada!

  15. Ah, hockey and beer! What fine pastimes. I’m forced to drink a few extra while watching the uninspired team from Boston who shall remain nameless. So, good luck to your team tonight. Here’s hoping someone in the East pulls out of their slump. (See, not all Boston folks are thugs!)

    O Canada!

  16. Diane, could itbe you’re the only non-thug down there? Have a few extra and think of us. Please. (We’ve got a real annual soap opera going on in Montreal.

  17. Ah Phil, this nickname is well deserved as of late. I must applaud Patrice Bergeron’s efforts and Johnny Boychuk as well. Everyone else is asleep at the wheel (or puck in this case). On a brighter note, my profanity is getting quite colorful!

  18. You wanna know what colorful is?

    Habs fans have a very short temper, you should see us. We’ll start cursing words that don’t even exist. Even when we’re sober.

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