7 thoughts on “Who’s The Guy In The Suit?”

  1. Dennis, Kouli the Greek has the best vintage Habs photos I’ve ever seen. You did a profile on him a while back and his collection is just awesome. And it’s not just Habs pictures. Just about all the greats from every sport are there. He is well worth checking out. He’s on Ebay.

  2. Apparently he won’t talk to rookies because they (in the past) tried to get him to put in good words for them with management and to “sell them” in the papers. It’s also for the fact that some come in and don’t stay long and are gone..so he doesn’t have a chance to get attached to them. I know he’s mentioned that in the past. Once they are past that first year he’s ok with them.

    His story about his hazing experience at the hands of the Habs is a pretty funny one.

    When he’s younger he looks a lot like Joe Pesci.

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