Who’s That In The Shootout?

It’s a dark and stormy night. The power went out on this part of the Coast about half an hour after the game ended, thus the later-than-usual post, and the Habs screw it up again, losing 5-4 in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh.

We had them. And then we didn’t.

We had them 1-0, when Lars Eller scored just 34 seconds into the game. We had them 2-1, when Erik Cole converted an Andrei Kostitsyn pass.

Then, most magnificently, we had them 3-1 when Kostitsyn scored a power play goal. Yes, a power play goal.

Then we had them 4-2, when Cole sent a beautiful pass to Max Pacioretty.

Then it all went down the dirty, stinking outhouse hole..

The Penguins chipped away, closed the gap to 4-3, and Evgeni Malkin, a player better than just about anybody in the league, tied it with just 2:43 remaining. And after both teams went scoreless in overtime, the Montreal guys failed to get it done in the shootout, including Andrei Kostitsyn, whose stick broke in half as he was shooting, David Desharnais, and Scott Gomez, who of course didn’t score because he’s Scott Gomez.

Yes, Scott Gomez. Not Erik Cole, who skated miles tonight and was far and away the Canadiens’ best player. Not Max, or Eller or Rene Bourque or any of a half-dozen others. Scott Gomez was one of the chosen three. The guy who……you know.

It’s a blackout here and maybe one in Randy Cunneyworth’s head too.

Peter Budaj was in nets for the Habs tonight, and this could be considered a bit of a surprise, and yet not. Budaj was solid in nets in the Habs 4-1 win over New York a few games back, and Carey Price hasn’t been overly majestic lately.

Might as well go with Budaj. Nothing else is working.

PK Subban has seen better nights. With his team on the power play, for instance, he sent a nice soft no-look pass off the boards, right to a Pens player, which resulted in Pittsburgh’s second goal. Then it became quite interesting as PK stated his case on the bench to Randy Ladouceur, almost like he was putting the blame on Gomez for not being over on that side.

I can just hear the conversation. “He’s supposed to be over there, that’s what we work on”, cries PK. “Doesn’t matter,” replies Ladouceur, “you have to look before you pass.” “Yeah sure, blame it on PK,” yells PK as he suddenly remember that “Blame Subban” Twitter thing.

I’m typing this on Word, with three candles and a flashlight nearby because of this power blackout, and it kind of sucks if I do say so myself. I can’t post it until the Internet comes back.

It’s a real nasty night out there, and what could it mean? Are the hockey gods not happy for some reason? Are they surprised that Gomez didn’t score?

Random Notes:

Habs in Toronto Saturday night. Then it’s up to Orillia after that to see if any of them can make the Byers Bulldozer midget all-stars.

15 thoughts on “Who’s That In The Shootout?”

  1. I can’t believe it. Really? Scott? Really?

    What pray tell made Randy pick Scott of all people to go on a shoot-out? So he had some “good games” this week. I didn’t fall on the ice this week so I guess that qualifies me to be a gymnast for Team Canada in the next Olympics.

    Well, we’re pretty much tanked. I think these two games (including tomorrow) were “must-wins”. Yeah we are supposedly still in it but does anyone expect us to get anywhere at this point?

    Gomez on the shoot-out? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have thought you were pulling my leg Dennis.

  2. Geez, I can understand you’re upset but you didn’t have to turn off all the lights in the neighbourhood.

  3. I dunno. Gomez was generally good in shootouts… It’s a luck of the draw anyway. Guess he figured it could be one way to get the guy going.

    I’m more pissed at Kostitsyn’s stick. Always amazes me how these $300 super engineered hyper-glossy x-curved-whatever hockey sticks snap more easily than a dry twig. I actually think he would have scored too. But, that’s basically the Habs’ luck this year in a nutshell.

  4. Hey Dennis,Well they did it again eh?This is really starting to drain on me,I’m ready to snap quicker then Kostitsyn’s stick in the shootout.These losses in the last few minutes cant be blamed on Price ,Budja or niether can they be worked on in practise.This is all about gelling together as a team,getting to rely on your mates and where they will be from time to time.I have seen this in many games and they are doing the same thing,passing to an open wing,shooting it through center and having it intercepted.they are putting quarters in a win machine that only takes loonies.These guys just arent on the same page,whether it be from an internal problem,external problem or just not getting the message through,time to call in Mandrake the Magician.

  5. not fucking worth posting. speechless AGAIN. Subbann shoulda been benched for the period but there he was on fukin offense right off the bench. Geezz hes a shitty player this year. i hope they sendhim to hamilton cause he is nothing but a liability. Maybe trade deadline bait!!

  6. Subban showed last night that he thinks of himself before the team. Hell, even Ovechkin had the decency to only mutter “fat bastard” at Boudreau rather than have a hissy fit on the bench like Subban had.
    BTW, Subban just got fined $2500 for slew-footing Kunitz. A real nice reputation he’s building for himself there.
    GD: “Knock knock”
    Subban: “Who’s there.”
    GD: “It’s me, Gilbert Dionne…”

  7. Should be an interesting game tonight with my Leafs playing high speed but soft on the boards hockey..The Jets, Leafs and Panthers are the teams for the Habs to catch and fortunately for the Habs all three are not playing that well lately….

  8. If you watch the replay, PK has the puck behind the net and Gomez is floating out of position on the right side and so are all the other players including AK, Bourque and Pleks. Nobody is there to take the pass and the Pens are spread out to intercept. Basically PK was screwed no matter what he did. So while PK can be blamed for making a blind pass the rest of the team was all spread along the right side of the boards while the Pens where all over the place.

  9. Chill people. PK is a kid playing Markov’s spot/minutes when he’s still growing. And yes, he was screwed whatever way on that play, considering he did a great takeaway just before.

    If you think he should be traded, then you forever lost the right to talk about losing McDonagh in a trade…

  10. Danno, you’re right that Gomez and the others were all over to one side, I don’t know what gomez was thinking, but PK should have held on to the puck at that time. Sending it out without looking cost a goaL. At least that’s how I see it.

  11. #31, I’m one of PK’s biggest fans, I think he can be a superstar, but I need him to stop the embellishing, the turtle stuff, and everything else he pulls. His act with Ladouceur was also quite strange to say the least. I’m cheering for PK. And I’m waiting for him to mature.

  12. You’re right Dennis, PK should have held on to the puck but still, with the Pens swarming like they were they would have almost certainly gained possession since nobody was there to back PK up. It’s like the whole team abandoned him. This is a glaring example of where the Habs are weak. They often fall into the trap of relying on individual play and lose by failing to play as a team.

  13. Danno, I saw Gomez rush like crazy over to the other side and I couldn’t figure out why. The entire other side was left empty, except for Pens players about to come in.
    I hope everyone understands – I love our PK. He has flair, character, and he loves to skate like he’s on a frozen river. I just love that. But I want him to stop the antics. And I think he will at some point. He’s still very young and not all grow up as fast as others. He doesn’t seem to be playing with that sheer joy like before, but it’s understandable considering how poorly the team is doing. No one’s having any fun I’m sure.
    I have high hopes for PK. We all do. He can be a big superstar. That’s why I want him to stop the other stuff and get on with growing and improving. And down the road win the Norris.

  14. I agree with you 100% Dennis. If we trade PK now out of frustration we will look back on it as one of the biggest mistakes the Habs have ever made in their history.

    People seem to forget he’s only 22. Yes he makes mistakes sometimes – but all of the greats did as well. We need to look at what he’s accomplished already. It’s way too early to give up on him.

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