Whomped In Winnipeg


I’m sure hoping Dustin Tokarski’s family didn’t make the trek from neighboring Saskatchewan to see the young fellow guard the twine on Thursday night.

Because it just wasn’t Toker’s night as he and the Canadiens got kicked 5-2 by the Jets, with several of the five goals stoppable by our prairie boy backup.

4-1 after two periods. With the Canadiens outshooting Winnipeg 31-13. Over three frames, shots were 41-22 for the visitors. It should’ve been a fine win.

But Ondrej Pavelec shut the door at his end and Toker didn’t at his.

But forget about our goalie. Just one goal on 31 shots by the guys up front? Only two on 41? And of course once again the slightly less than magnificent power play blew the proverbial tire and went 0/4,

Another game, another fizzing out with the man-advantage. Sitting 26th overall on the feeble chart. It’s been going on all season and still hasn’t been sorted out. We’re not asking for much, not expecting the number one power play. How about a heady 17th or 18th or 20th?

Thursday’s loss shouldn’t completely rest on Toker’s shoulders, although it’s easy to do because Carey Price has spoiled us. This lack of offense, especially with the man advantage, is just plain ridiculous,  and as tiresome as hearing Don Cherry talk about how smart he is.

Canadiens got goals from Andrei Markov, who sent a wrist shot through a crowd and narrowed things to 2-1. And a close-in blast from Gally in the third made it a 4-2 game.

But soon after, the Jets scored another, and the Winnipeg crowd got their digs in by singing Ole Ole.

Next up – Saturday in Montreal when the Florida Panthers pay a visit.

A lousy night for the Habs, Toker or no Toker. Outscored and outmuscled, and if the Canadiens continue this gruesome lack of finish, even with Price in nets it’ll be tough sledding in the upcoming post season.

This offense doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Only into the hearts of Habs fans.



10 thoughts on “Whomped In Winnipeg”

  1. We got a little bigger as a team with recent trades. It sure don’t show along the boards or at the end boards—either end. We get pounded at our end and the forecheck barely scares anyone. Seems if you get traded to Habs, you don,t have to hit folks anymore.
    Watched the first period last night, went to bed early in the second—–we got pounded off the puck, not much action on the PP.
    The stage crew were comparing Gally to Marchand—- NEVER!!!!! Gally is what he is—high octane, to the net, in your face nuisance, causing havoc, getting penalties on occasion. BUT, he’s NOT a sewer rat after-the-whistle weasel like the guy in Boston.
    The boys better get their act together soon, or get some spring destination discount resort reservations. The eggs in their pockets are safe the way they hit on-coming traffic.
    Aw must be Friday morning again ‘en got a burr in my sock —-but Big Buff sure scares me like NO_ONE on our team does. And the guys say they got the the ability to protect Price? They better demonstrate that BEFORE another Krieder comes near!!!

  2. They sure did get pounded, Peter. Andrew Ladd, for one, rattled ribs. And our guys in return? Nothing. We have only a few who can be physical – Emelin, Patyrn, Prust, Weise, Gally, sometimes Subban, sometimes Beaulieu. But on some nights, the lack of it really shows through, as it did on the California trip, and again last night. The playoffs are such a grind, and if they’re being abused, and not scoring, and not doing anything on the power play, then we’ll have to rely on Price to do everything. And teams will be running him too. Maybe if a few guys used their body more, it might create scoring chances, or make the opposition more hesitant. And last night, Toker wasn’t good.

  3. Toker, I read on one of my Canadien sites his post game comments. This from a 1 series rookie in his 1st rookie season. Basically he said oh well shit happens, gotta move on, I agree with 6 wins against 10 loses maybe it is time for HIM to move on! That’s BS coming from a some what less than stellar performer, Budaji made us nervous this twit scares the s**t out of me, my hope is this kid Fucale puts the boots to him during next seasons training camp & pre-season. I haven’t got the time of day for someone who can’t man up & state the obvious, I sucked! I’m really PO’d, this feeling of entitlement that some seem to have drives me crazy, Toe & Selke would have him on the first bus out of town. 🙁

  4. The Jets out-hit us and out-goalied us. We could and should have won because we had way more shots on net than they did. Now we know how most teams feel after Price shuts the door on them. I really wish DSP would start getting nasty.

  5. I appreciate this”blog” or “web-page” or whatever the proper name is. I appreciate your endless hours of input Dennis!! Sometimes I get ticked with the lack-a-dasial performance by our boys in the CH sweaters. BUT I really like reading Mike Williamson’s comments when HE’S ticked off!! May be a bad attitude on my part but when I see minimum effort and no intensity or passion, there’s like a burr under my socks and I get in a certain frame of mind. It makes me be not too gracious. Then I feel bad for being too hard on the boys…………..

  6. Imagine, Mike, what the luxury would be of having two first string goaltenders on one team. But teams usually afford this. It’s hard to know how Toker will be in a few years. Maybe a first-stringer with another team, maybe just down to the AHL like Budaj. I didn’t see his postgame comments so I don’t know if he was nonchalant, but I agree with you, he should be pissed and say he sucked. He didn’t play well in Winnipeg, and he’s had a less than great season. Not good any way we cut it.

  7. They did outhit and out goalie us, Danno. And you’re absolutely right about DSP. He’s a guy brought in to be physical, and so far, not much of that. Maybe a little, but this team needs much more than that.

  8. And Peter, I appreciate you reading and putting down some great comments. You’ve been great. Don’t feel hard on the boys. They’ve got a great life going, with big bucks, 5-star hotels, mansions, the works. Being criticized if they don’t give their all goes with the territory. If they don’t like it, retire and open a hot dog stand. And sign autographs without it looking like chicken scratch.

  9. Hockey players are sensitive. The Sabres are upset that almost 20 thousand fans paid money to see a game between the worst two teams in the league and then cheered when the probability of improvement next year increased.

    If anyone should be upset, it’s us Hab fans. Its our team that gave their team 7 of their measly 48 points in only 4 games.

  10. Thanks for the kudos PeterHab, I think you & I will accept a lose if the efforts there which it was in Winterpeg but if a player can’t admit he was less than expected I nor you have the time of day for someone who let there team down. Ask DK I have never forgiven Roy for walking out on his team in the middle of the season & feel his sweater should not be hanging from the rafters with all the former greats. But that’s just my humble opinion.

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