Who Will The Habs Play? Stay Tuned

To quote NHL.com: ”

The winner of the Philadelphia FlyersNew York Rangers game goes to the playoffs, the loser is eliminated. If the Flyers win, they clinch the #7 seed, the Montreal Canadiens are the #8 seed and the Rangers are eliminated. If the Rangers win, the Canadiens clinch the #7 seed, the Rangers are #8 and the Flyers are eliminated.”

Translated – If the Flyers win, the Habs play Washington in the first round. If the Rangers win, it would be either the Sabres or Devils, who are playing each other, for the Habs.

The Devils would make for an incredibly boring series.

4 thoughts on “Who Will The Habs Play? Stay Tuned”

  1. Woo hoo, the Flyers won. We can beat the Capitals. We can shut down Ovechkin. We can score on their goalies.
    We just need to get out of this funk and play the way we were a couple weeks ago. My crystal ball predicts Kostitsyn & Moore will lead the way while shutting down Ovechkin’s line.

  2. Christopher’s brilliant plan is unfolding as it should. Bring on the big O #8 and The Odor. We have beaten them in the regular season. I smell an upset.

  3. Danno, an upset will be such a beautiful thing. I don’t even know why I wrote that. It’s pretty obvious it would be a beautiful thing. Go upset!

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