Who Was This Woman? And Were The Boys Polite To Her?


Who is Miss Lee Dillon? And how did she come to cover the Canadiens during the 1956-57 season?


Was she there a few years earlier in March of 1955 when the Richard Riot happened?


Did she interview Henri Richard when he broke in with the Habs a year earlier?


Did she share knitting tips with Jacques Plante?


Did Boom Boom sing to her?


Did Toe Blake, known for his salty vocabulary, watch his language around her?


Did the Rocket glare at her?


Was Jean Beliveau polite to her? Of course he was.


Did she sit beside Red Fisher in the press box when he started covering the Canadiens in the spring of 1955?


1956-57 was the year the team won their second of five straight Cups. Did she get champagne poured on her. Did she cover her eyes in the dressing room when they came out of the showers?


How did she get this great job?


Did she marry and change her name?


Is she still with us?



3 thoughts on “Who Was This Woman? And Were The Boys Polite To Her?”

  1. Lee Dillon was the personal secretary for Frank Selke Sr. and for Sam Pollack.
    I bought many of her personal Habs memorabilia from a reputable dealer in Quebec and is now in my possession.
    There is now ay I am selling these items since they are in prestige mint condition!
    After I had first dibs on the items, the Quebec dealer put the the rest of her items on consignement with auction agencies such as Classic Collectilbes, Leland’s or posting the unsold items on eBay.
    If she s alive, I want to thank her and tell her her personal items are now in my good hands for many years.

  2. Wow, Thanks for that. I had a feeling someone out there might know, and you came through. A good for you for getting some of her stuff.
    Thanks again.

  3. Now that is interesting.: “as This Woman? And Were The Boys Polite To Her? | Dennis-Kane.com”. Added your site to my RSS reader I’ll make sure I visit this site once a day ~sports memorabilia

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