4 thoughts on “Who Wants To Work When There’s Marathon Hockey On?”

  1. Um, no, it’s not a national holiday; it’s a bullshit made-up “tradition” perpetrated by a taxpayer-subsidised television company trying to get more viewership.
    I may be mistaken, but this “day” only arrived post-lockout, possibly to ensure that hockey still had some relevancy. If you ever start thinking that there’s goodness and flowers and unicorns behind all this: the Ceeb started hocking (yeah, a pun) that Muslim on the prairie show (hey, also a show on the CBC, imagine that!) as a possible location for a CBC-sponsored (i.e. your dollars and mine) skating rink.
    Got it? It’s a tie-in between one of their shows with another of their shows. And it’s Canadian! Brilliant.
    (Um, I’m still going to watch the hockey, but don’t feel any patriotic fervor.)

    Heck, I sound like a cynical curmudgeon, or curmudgeonly cynic.

  2. I believe that every Saturday is Hockey Day in this country, at least for me. This Saturday, however is an extra special day for hockey fans. especially in P.R. Hey Dennis, I’ll see you in Kane’s Corner for a beer….

  3. A national Hockey Day in Canada holiday would be a big improvement over provincial Family Day. Delay it to the first Saturday in February and it would make a great lead-in to Ottawa’s Winterlude.

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