Who Put Vodka In The Gatorade?

Habs were brilliantly sloppy Tuesday night against the Washington Capitals. Award-winning sloppy. The Keystone Kops giving the performance of their life. And in the process the team falls 4-2 to the streaking vistors, fails to keep pace with Boston (who won tonight), and never really deserved to win anyway.

It was a night to forget, even though, with a little help from above, the Habs could have actually won it. But they were running into each other, their passing was off the mark much of the time, they screwed up many good chances when they got them, including several by David Desharnais, and with some man-advantages they allowed odd-man rushes to the Caps.

All in all, if I were coach I’d burn the video.

Still, from time to time, they managed to tie the game a couple of times and make us wonder if they could actually pull the thing out. They didn’t, that’s all.

And to cap off a lousy night, Tomas Plekanec and Jeff Halpern left early and at this point we’re left wondering if we’ve lost a couple more for awhile which would be par for the course I guess.

The only bright light was Carey Price who once again was sensational and who was responsible for letting his teammates have at least a shot at winning the thing, even if they didn’t deserve it. Price faced 41 shots while the Canadiens fired only 26 at young Braden Holtby in the Caps net.

Random Notes:

It’s not the end of the world, however, except for the part about Plekanec and Halpern leaving the game. The boys are still nicely entrenched in a solid playoff spot and who knows, maybe it’ll be Boston as the first-round opponent.

Travis Moen potted Montreal’s first goal, and Andre Kostitsyn with a wicked wrist shot, scored the other.

PK Subban played well but partner Hal Gill was stuck in quicksand.

Washington’s first goal came with the puck coming off the glass in a weird direction, catching Price completely out of position. But Moen’s goal came only 20 seconds later when Holtby was caught out of his net. It was a strange beginning to a strange game.

Next up – Thursday, when it’s Tampa Bay’s turn to visit lovely Montreal.

9 thoughts on “Who Put Vodka In The Gatorade?”

  1. Hey Dennis,You know ,the Habs played a good game,outshot as usual but they had some very good chances.Your comment about Hal Gill,”stuck in quicksand”.Well you know Dennis ,he isn’t the fleetest of foot at times but you know when Ovechkin thought he could just take an advantage by dropping him turned the other way around,I really thought Hal did well.Carey Price played awesome as usual.

  2. Derry, Laich walked around Gill like nothing for the first goal. And I sure didn’t think Montreal played a good game like you did. I thought they were out in left field.

  3. Gaston needs to pay a visit to who ever dared the team to make Martin get bleeped more than Boudreau.

  4. caps did dominate and we did better than the score shows. Price for MVP. Subban for rookie. Gill for speed-skating lessons (but loved that he flattened Ovie. Need to see that more. He certainly looked embarrassed). With our injuries, I am surprised we are competing. Wiz looked awful with the giveaways. He almost ended up with 6 assists and came close to being -8 for the game. JM needs to be mouthy like ‘Potty Mouth.’ Nice to see a normal game and not like playing the Bruins. I wonder how the habs fans will treat Big Nose next time in Montreal. I doubt they will take it sitting down. I can see death threats.

  5. Dennis, it was a weird oddball type game.

    That disallowed goal was a rare gift from the refs.

    But then there were a number a questionable calls and the puck was bouncing strangely for the entire game.

    Eller looked impressive and is going to be a star. And Price can’t be faulted for the loss either. He was spectacular and made up for many defensive gaffes. This will bode well for the playoffs. Ovechkin was effectively contained and I loved the way Hal Gill showed him who’s boss. Cammaleri missed a golden opportunity when his stick snapped in two on the one-timer in front of Holtby’s net. Then Eller got called early into that penalty in the third right when we were about to turn it around. So it was just one of those games.

    It was too bad to see Pleks and Halpern go off and I hope they aren’t seriously hurt. We can’t afford any more injuries.

    You are right that we could have won this game. But we didn’t. But the Caps are the hotest team around right now so it’s really nothing to be too ashamed of.

    Next up Tampa Bay for a St. Patrick’s Day home game.

    Here’s hoping the Habs get lucky.

  6. Good news Dennis. Both Halpern and Plekanecs are day-to-day with “lower body injuries” and will be a game-day decision on Thursday as reported by the Montreal Gazette.

    That’s a big relief.

  7. Got another two callups from the Bulldogs: Palushaj and Dawes. Man do I ever feel for Hamilton. Btw, they have Patches and Subban in their ad for jerseys. Bet they miss ’em both.

    So are we ready for a first round exit?


  8. It’ll be interesting to see how Palushaj and Dawes play, Habby. And the best thing is, it appears Plekanec and Halpern don’t have serious injuries. I’m ready for A Stanley Cup!!!

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