9 thoughts on “Who Needs Georges When Ryan Can Do It”

  1. A shellacking, a shutout and a good old-fashioned shit-kicking.
    What more do you want in a hockey game?

  2. Ah Dennis, you’re incorrigible, kinda like me! What a great game and against a team we’re competing with in the standings. Gotta love O’Byrne, it’s good to see a hab step in to protect a team mate like he did and did you notice Gionta step in when Avery wanted to continue to go after Markov? Now that’s team toughness!

  3. SDK knows, too many hot Habs babes in the crowd to not many more glimpses of Montreal’s beautiful women.

  4. Hey Dennis;Good choice by Danno,O’Bryne is a huge guy that should be stepping up to the plate for his teamates,something Laraque would have been better off doing.I would think that trying to go between O’Bryne and Gill on defence would be like trying to fly a plane between the old twin towers,you just dont make it.I enjoyed the effort by the whole team,Sergei Kostytsin was even skating well for his first game back and yes of course Dennis we neede more shots of the good looking babes in the stands.We have something to look forward to,unlike the Canuck fans who look forward to the green guys behind the bench.

  5. SDK, you’d think RDS would be filling our screens with the delish dames of the Bell Centre. Even gals love gorgeous gals!

  6. I’m with John, 5’7″ Gionta stepping between Avery and Markov shows team spirit. They’ve just started their play-off push just like Pittsburgh did about this time last year.
    One shot of Cammalleri’s father was good, two was more than necessary. What about his girlfriend/wife? Or even his sister or mother?

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