Who Is This Man?

He’s Raymond “Scotty” Morris, who took the award-winning hockey photo judged by Associated Press as one of the top hockey photos for 1965. Scotty was a photographer for the San Francisco Examiner at the time and recently he discovered the story I had done about this last June Best From Back Then and phoned me from his home near San Francisco.

It was a shot of a group of San Francisco Seals players from the old Western Hockey League spraying a lovely lady with snow, and Mr. Morris, in his eighties now, said he was delighted to come across this because he had no idea until now that his photo had been selected.

“I give a lot of talks at luncheons and such,” he said in his phone call and later in an email, “and I always say I’ve won 29 awards. Now I can say 30.”

Scotty and I have kept in touch, and here’s an email he sent to me the other day.

“Yes the picture was taken at the Cow Palace. Remember, this is back in 1965 so maybe a little memory loss. I use to cover the Seals from time to time, (next to soccer, my favorite sport.)  I knew the practice drill days for the team so when I was asked to go and get a hot weather picture, (it must have been a hot day), I dreamed up that picture.

“I was dating Vicki Ross at time, who was a stewardess with Pacific Airlines. I guess I called the public relations for the Seals and arranged things. Anyway I had a few players slide in on her in goal. I wanted a shower of ice, that picture was the first try, and I wasn’t happy with the ice shower but thought it was a little dangerous for Vicki so I settled for one picture. I took the puck for a souvenir, still have it, and will send a picture next week of me holding puck close to my face.

“I always thought that in the ten years on the Examiner I had won 29 awards in photography, now after all that time I can add one more. Thanks
to you it is now 30.”

11 thoughts on “Who Is This Man?”

  1. Hey Dennis,Sounds to me like he would still be an avid supporter of the franchise if it were still there,well as the Seals and not the Sharks.These were the prelude to the California Golden Seals,were they not?Charles O’Finley brought them to the NHL. in 67 if my memory is correct.I still remember their white skates and golden color uniforms,Derek Sanderson was wanting to wear white skates with the Bruins but the wouldn’t allow him to.I bet that puck is very dear to Scotty,great pic as well.

  2. Derry, the old Seals were in the minor pro Western Hockey League, the league which also had the Portland Buckaroos and Seattle Totems.

  3. Hey Dennis,Didn’t the Canucks play there until 71 when they joined the league?Guyle Feilder used to play for the Totems did he not?

  4. That’s right, Derry. And about a year ago I was talking to a fellow who was writing a book about Fielder, who lives in Arizona now I think.

  5. Hey Dennis,I remeber reading Hockey Ilustrated when I was around 10 or 11 and they said then he was the top scorer in pro hockey.Where in Arizona does this guy live?

  6. Derry, the common consensus is that Fielder was the best player not in the NHL. I don’t know where in Arizona he lives but at some point, I’m going to talk about what my friend, who used to write for the Calgary herald, told me about him.

  7. Hey Dennis,I think that would make a good topic,Guyle Fielder was an impressive hockey player,it might be neat to see some articles on the old minor league teams and players.

  8. It would be a good subject, Derry. And I forgot to mention in the other comment about the old Canucks that back then they were the property of the New York Rangers.

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