Who Is The HNIC Voice Of All Time?

I came across what I think is an interesting poll, although it was done in 2005. But I think nothing’s changed from then to now. I also disagree slightly and have my own choices at the bottom.

The Best “Hockey Night In Canada” Play-By-Play Announcer Of All Time

Danny Gallivan 53 votes 36. 30%

Bob Cole 16 votes 10.96%

Jim Hughson 16 votes 10.96%

Jim Robson 15 votes 10.27%

Foster Hewitt 14 votes 9.59%

Dick Irvin 12 votes 8.22%

Chris Cuthbert 10 votes 6.85%

Dan Kelly 5 votes 3.42%

Bill Hewitt 4 votes 2.74%

Don Wittman 1 vote 0.68%

But if I were to choose:

Danny Gallivan – The best. Period.
Chris Cuthbert -Both he and Hughson are as professional as can be.
Jim Hughson
Bill Hewitt – Smooth voice and part of my youth. More polished than his dad.
Dan Kelly – Great, and died too soon
A younger Bob Cole – Before he started getting names wrong.
Foster Hewitt – Foster was the first and is very special to many people, but technically he wasn’t as sound as many of the others, including his son.
Dick Irvin – I love Dick Irvin but he wasn’t as slick as Cuthbert and Hughson and these guys. Made a better sidekick for Gallivan.
Don Wittman-  True pro with Winnipeg roots. Sadly is no longer with us.
Jim Robson – Canucks broadcaster for many years and loved greatly out here. But I don’t think he was as good as the rest.

12 thoughts on “Who Is The HNIC Voice Of All Time?”

  1. Hi Dennis:
    Sorry I’m so late and I’ll understand if you want to give me a detention like the old school days. I’ll even stand in a corner as long as I don’t have to stare at a Philly jersey. I’m finally back on line and I fully agree with your comments. Danny was the best for sure. I backtracked through the site and saw the photo from our outing that day. That was a great time hanging out with all of you except for the fact that I was having a bad hair day!
    Regardless of the outcome, our guys performed miracles that a thousand genies couldn’t do collectively. The Hawks are looking pretty good and providing some revenge on behalf of our Habs. Leighton is definitely not another Halak … or Havlak as Mr. Cherry would say. I think Philly might take one at their place just so Chicago can win the cup at home. Wasn’t that sort of the plan in the old days of the original six? Lose one on the road so we can grab the cup and dance with it on home ice. Cheers buddy.

  2. I tuned in to some Classic games with Danny Gallivan calling the match and it makes me mad, knowing there is no one of his quality available to call NHL games today.

  3. Hi Robert. Danny made the game so unique and exciting. When I hear him today on these classic games I get so nostalgic. He’s really missed by so many, epecially Habs fans. I still get goosebumps when I hear him describe things. You know, he held a hand-held microphone just out of habit, even though it wasn’t turned on. And apparently he was a really good guy.

  4. Hey, Mikey. That’s okay. I haven’t expected to hear from everyone all the time now that the team’s out. Good that you’re back on line.

  5. DK, like you I have no interest who wins the cup unless it’s Montreal. I also have no interest in any announcer other than the one & only DANNY GALLIVAN (” and the Boston Bruins take a penalty at the most inoppertune time!” ) 7th. game conferance final 1979!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  6. the three stars gallivan, galllivan, gallivan………………… unlike you dennis i like foster next,,,,,,,,,,,,, i like the fact he was unpolished………… he was an original and people copied him……….. he had his own set of sayings, the odd man, he shoots he scores, the air tonight is thick with tension………… he just happened to broadcast the wrong team………………….. who’s playing in the finals? i forget

  7. Hobo – I appreciate Foster for sure. He was the first and people hearing him especially on the radio was a big part of their lives. Maybe I should have rated him higher but the guys ahead of him are so professional and also interesting to listen to. I really like Chris Cuthbert. But yes, I also appreciate what Foster did.

  8. When it comes to Jim “The Golden Tonsils” Robson, you don’t have a clue. He should be rated higher on your list. You’re supposed to have learned a thing or two in your 60 years.

    As for the poll, the sampling is far too tiny and biased.

  9. Robson was not only the voice of the Canucks but also the voice of the Vancouver Mounties now the Vancouver Canadians baseball team. He was more than just greatly loved and should be rated much higher by a 59 year old.

  10. DK. I’m over 60 & Lawerance & Robson should be Orca chum!!
    From the East Cheers

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