Who Cares If He’s Not Great?

I’ve been listening to Montreal TSN 690 on my radio going to and from work and it’s very interesting. Way better than fiddling with the dial while I’m lost.

The subject of George Parros came up this very morning as I bombed down highway 30, and both hosts and listeners agree he’s one tough hombre.

But can he play, they ask? Or will he be holding down one end of the bench, seeing the odd minute here and there?

Who cares if he’s not that great? He’s replacing Colby Armstrong on the right side. Colby had two goals and three assists with the Habs last year, and although George’s numbers are even more dismal, the difference is he’s a mean fighting machine, which is an element many Habs fans, including me, have been wanting.

Just having a guy like that in the lineup every night, whether he sees lots of minutes or not, keeps the other team from being assholes. The Canadiens have the speed and skill already. But they haven’t had the guy who strikes fear in the hearts of others. One who reminds opponents just by skating around in pregame warmup that the Habs need not be messed with.

Opponents are perfectly aware of the other team’s lineup. They know that mugging Brendan Gallagher or Alex Galchenyuk or Tomas Plekanec or Lars Eller will probably mean George is going to see some minutes. Tune the offender in, opening up room for the speedsters.

And as an added bonus, create havoc in front of the net and maybe give the other guy a swat when the referee’s not looking.

Who cares if he’s not that good? He has another role to play, and if he plays it well, he’ll help the team. Brandon Prust, Ryan White and Travis Moen weren”t enough. But with George, a heavyweight, it might be.  Imagine the mayhem all of them could get into against the Bruins or Leafs.

5 thoughts on “Who Cares If He’s Not Great?”

  1. We need tough. I don’t care if he scores but one goal. So long as he spends his training working working on his biceps, we will all have a happy hockey season!

  2. Enough to tell the other teams willing to take cheap shots at the skill players that they wont get away with it anymore ,100% awesome move…..

  3. DK, I also like the signing, you want to stir up shit I’m there. I also feel Brandon Prust pound for pound gave as good if not better than what he got in return! Now if Ryan White can keep his little gray cells in check we’ve got three guys you don’t want to mess with. By the way how do you get any work done stareing at that picture of the Rocket in your office??

  4. Hi Mike. Prust was excellent and showed lots of guts. He’s also a decent player. So hopefully George can take the heat off. And yes, that huge picture is beautiful.

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