Who Are These People?

Below are 12 NHL’ers from the past. They all played in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and three of them began their careers in the 1960’s. Some are definitely more recognizable than others. Can you guess who they are? If you get nine or more, you’re really good. Six to eight, you’re pretty good. Five or less, not so good. Pretty bad, in fact.

The prize is – uh, I haven’t thought of a prize. Do I have to give a prize? Forget it. You already have more than enough.

0062 007

3 thoughts on “Who Are These People?”

  1. 1 Phil 2 Goulet 3 Park 4 Lanny 5 Smith 6 Dupont 7 Tiger 8 Engblom 9 Hrudey 10 Lambert 11 ? 12 ?
    Mike W

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