White Scores Winner!

How often do you see that title?

Ryan White scores the winner as the Habs squeak out a 3-2 win over the Devils at the Bell. Actually the heading should be “Max Scores Two In Habs Win” but the White thing is too rare not to go with.

And when I say rare, I mean rare. White scored one goal last year during the regular season, zero goals the year before, and two goals the year before that.

So scoring isn’t Ryan White’s best thing. And I don’t care if it is only exhibition, for him a goal is a goal, and therefore gets the title.

And not only did Mr. White let the puck bank off him for the winner, but coach Therrien had him killing penalties and on the ice in the last minute of the game with the team trying to hold the lead.

If Ryan White is going to earn his $700,000, (which might not seem like a lot in the scheme of things but c’mon, it’s still $700,000), and retain his spot in the lineup, he needs to do more than just be an aggressive bugger for his few minutes a game. He needs to contribute in different ways, and tonight he did.

Different players shone in this Monday night tilt. Brandon Prust beat up 6’4″ Alex Urbom is a first period scrap and almost scored a shorthanded marker after stripping away the puck from an unsuspecting Devil.

PK Subban assisted on the first two goals and played with pizzazz, even throwing one of his patented open ice bone crushers..

Max scored two power play goals, the second a real beauty when he waltzed in and fired a seeing-eye backhand.

And Carey Price got the job done, although there wasn’t an overabundance of pressure on him. But he stopped all but two and we should be content with that.

Random Notes.

Habs outshot New Jersey 25-21, and it was nice to see a regular-type lineup out there. Only Michael Bournival and Jarred Tinordi were non-regulars and how can either be sent down now?

Two more exhibition games to go, Wednesday in Ottawa and Thursday back home against those same Senators.. It would be nice to see a couple more wins to end this preseason, especially after the way the Sens treated the Habs in last year’s playoffs.


3 thoughts on “White Scores Winner!”

  1. Am I being unreasonable in saying that Gallagher’s empty net misses or bings(!) hitting the posts tonight and other nights this week are reminiscent of a certain ex-Hab who sported #11 and who’s name began with a G as well? Hmmm…we need to call the ghostbusters.

  2. Daizy, they’re not on the same planet. But having said that, Gallagher’s been pretty quiet this preseason.

  3. Their definitely not from the same planet. I think Gallagher is amazing, just couldn’t help noticing the misses and the irony of him wearing 11…

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