White No Help Whatsoever

If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far this season, it’s that except for a lot of hair, Ryan White doesn’t have a whole lot underneath his helmet.

White helped his team lose in Ottawa four games ago by taking four minutes in penalties, and tonight he helped lose the game in Buffalo by taking four minutes again, this time by retaliating and flailing away after getting bumped on a solid hip check by Steve Ott.

Einstein then watched from the sin bin as Tomas Vanek closed the gap to 4-3, which ultimately led to the Sabres tying it with just two seconds remaining in the third.

Damn. It’s hard to re-live this.

The game then went to overtime, no one scored, but the Sabres ended it by finding the back of the net twice in the shootout.

Three games in the press box after the White display in Ottawa didn’t teach him a thing. How many should it be now, ten? Maybe more. The Canadiens don’t need this immature lack of discipline. For them to win, everything, in all areas, has to be going almost perfectly.

Tomas Plekanec opened the scoring, but the Sabres replied almost immediately. In fact, just 15 seconds later. In the second period, Brendan Gallagher gave his team the lead, which lasted all of 35 seconds before it was tied again. But P.K. Subban, on a 5 on 3 power play, gave the boys the lead once more, and then in the third, Tomas Plekanec buried one on a clear cut breakaway.

It was 4-2 at that point. Things were going swimmingly. Two big points coming up.

Then Ryan White stepped on the ice.

Random Notes:

Yes, Ryan White will sometimes come to the defense of a teammate. Yes, he adds an edge, which can be an important aspect at times. And yes, he can cost his team the game. Or games. This sort of thing can’t continue.

Shots on goal – Buffalo 40, Habs 32.

Peter Budaj was in goal tonight and although he stopped many difficult close-in encounters, he still makes me nervous. I can’t help it.

It’s two games in ten that Budaj has been called upon, and I don’t understand this. Maybe I’m wrong. Who am I to question an NHL coach? But does the number one guy have to rest every five games or so? It’s just my personal opinion, but it would be only around now that I’d even be considering putting the backup guy in for a night. Maybe even several more before I’d give him a start. These points are important. And Price might be the best on the planet right now.

Alex Galchenyuk was the lone Habs marksman in the shootout. Rene Bourque and Brian Gionta couldn’t get it done.

Next game – Leafs in Montreal on Saturday. I’m thinking we won’t be seeing Ryan White.



14 thoughts on “White No Help Whatsoever”

  1. Budaj makes me very nervous too. Every shot seems like it has a chance of going in.

    In terms of playing every game, I think it has to do with the schedule the last few weeks, and the impact on the rest of the season. The Habs are in the middle of playing eight games in 14 days, and five of them were within eight days. I think the strategy is to rest Price a bit now, and he won’t be as tired down the stretch.

    The Sabres were the second worst team in the East heading into this game. Really, that’s who Budaj should be playing against.

    But here’s the thing I don’t like about Budaj: I have no confidence in him to be able to carry this team if Price was injured and had to sit out for a couple of weeks. None what-so-ever. He was bad in Colorado, so I never understand the Gauthier signing of Budaj. A backup should be able to carry the team for a short time if needed.

  2. Tom, you said it. A backup needs to be able to carry a team for a short time. Vancouver has a couple of good ones and can’t decide who’s number one. There’s such a gap between Price and Budaj, and before that, Price and Auld. If Price gets hurt, like you say, we’re in big trouble.

  3. Perhaps saving up Price for Saturday night. Had he played, today would have been his only day of rest. Still, I agree with you– too soon. And I’m not too confident in Buday either. He has a weak five-hole and Buff found it.

    White. That’s the hardest to accept.

    Beyond that, how can we get so many penalties??? What was with that?

  4. Having Tim Peel as the ref doesn’t help. That guy is bad. Any game you see him doing is pretty much guaranteed to be penalty-heavy.

    This game is what we in high society call “shitting the bed” and we did it in glorious style last night.

    White was a dunderhead, Cole hasn’t been great this year, Pacioretty isn’t 100% yet, Budaj doesn’t look comfortable at all, Gionta takes that dumb penalty after jumping on that guy’s back for a piggy-back ride, etc.

    I bet the flight home was delightful. These are two games we could have won but we threw them both away. If we lose on Saturday….ugh.

  5. Price ,in the off season, said he wanted to improve at the SHOOT-OUTS. Give him a shoot out win and he’ll rally the troops ’cause Thorhbush ain’t doing a good job at it.

  6. With the “Best Goalie in the World” it would have been 4-2 Habs

    To bad Price can’t play every game…

  7. It sure is hard to accept, Marjo. Just a completely brain-dead move on White’s part. Here’s a scenario for you – he sits in the press box for another three games, then he comes back and does something stupid again.

  8. Darth, a loss is a killer, but getting scored on with two seconds left is torture. But the door never would have been opened if White hadn’t been such an asshole.

  9. Peter, I knew once we went to a shootout that the game was over. And all I could think about was Ryan White.

  10. Leaf Fan, Brodeur once played 78 of 82 games, and Therrien won’t let Price go for more than five or six.

  11. Hey Dennis,I only caught of this one,due to work restrictions.It seems that you have to stay there for ten hours if you want to get paid for them,anyways I thought it was a big w in the bag for the Habs,sad to Budja in there but I agree,Price has a tough schedule coming up if he were to play straight through.The team doesnt look the same without him in net,probably a little less confident and not as offensive at times eh.

  12. To be fair, Brodeur faced about 18 shots a game when he played a70-someodd games a year. And most of those shots were from outside the zone because teams couldn’t get through the trap.

    The best recent example would be Kiprusoff. But the Flames has missed the playoffs every year since making the finals six or seven years back.

  13. Tom, that’s true enough about Brodeur and all that, but Budaj was back in after just three games from Price and I don’t understand. All in all, though, it was Ryan White who f**ked things up.

  14. Derry, I’m not saying Price should play straight through, all I ask is that he doesn’t sit every five or six games. He’s a young, healthy guy and we need the points in a big way or pretty soon we’ll see a mirror image of last year.

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