Whistler Wonder Wins Gold

Canada’s Ashleigh McIvor has won gold in women’s skicross. The beautiful rosy-cheeked Whistler native flew over the hills with her proud mom and dad watching from the stands.

Whistler is a fascinating place. Cobblestone streets, quaint shops, and the base of the chairlift is right downtown, just at edge of the shops. It’s no wonder Ashleigh is a gold medallist. I think if you live in Whistler, you live and breathe either skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking. Getting good on the slopes must be almost automatic.

Three cheers for our new gold medallist, Ashleigh McIvor!

2 thoughts on “Whistler Wonder Wins Gold”

  1. A dominating run in a snow storm.
    CTV had a good story about her last night. For an essay assignment when in university she wrote a letter to the IOC outlying why ski cross should be an Olympic event. That must have been some letter as it worked. The story included her professor confirming she received an A.

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