Whistle While You Work

Doug Harvey, Jean Beliveau, Dickie Moore, Jacques Plante, and Bernie Geoffrion looking like they’re on the set of “Mad Men.”

They’re all smiles, which could mean a variety of things. They’ve just destroyed the Toronto Maple Leafs, or they’re rolling along in first place, or Toe or Mr. Selke told them how much they were appreciated, or they just got paid.

Maybe they just finished off a few pops in the dressing room!

One thing’s for sure. This is the look of Stanley Cup champions.



13 thoughts on “Whistle While You Work”

  1. It really is depressing to see that the collective salary of these guys in this photo is tiny fraction of the salary of Scott Gomez. Sigh.

  2. Even though it’s a still photo you can tell these guys had a certain swagger when they walked. A swagger brought about by being proud to give 100 per cent to the team they love. The swagger of CHampions.

  3. Danno – The swagger of guys who’ve hoisted the Cup. This is what our guys now could like like now when they experience it. Only now players have ipods in their ears and coffee in their hands. They all seem too. Why is that?

  4. Dennis, I know what you mean. It all boils down to a lack of discipline.For the most part, players today are coddled and spoiled. In Toe Blake’s day the coach made sure the players focused on one thing. WINNING.
    Toe Blake wouldn’t put up with half the nonsense that goes on today. He’d make sure any player who was laughing on the bench (like Scott Gomez AND Andrei Kostitsyn) while the team was getting the shit kicked out of them would pay a big price for their disgraceful behaviour.
    Nowadays, players can get away with just about anything and still collect millions of dollars as they float around game after game.
    You just have to hope there is enough pride in the dressing room (with standup guys like Hal Gill) to make sure nobody ever forgets what an honour and privilege it is to pull that beautiful CH sweater over their head.

  5. Danno, I could never put it better than what you’ve said. Thank you. Toe Blake was THE Man. Still is in our hearts.

  6. Well put Danno. It drives me nuts to see players laughing it up when the team is being made to look like fools on the ice. Where’s the pride in oneself and the pride in the team?

    However, it must be said that I doubt Gomez would have been a blip on our radar back in the old days. They would laughed at the idea of picking him up. I honestly think sometimes that someone like the Rocket would have punched him out.

  7. The way I tell they’re not from Mad Men, no cigarette in one hand and no drink in the other. Good show, but I can’t concentrate with all the smoke.

    And they’re smiling because they do what the rest of us can only dream about, they play for the Canadiens. As Danno wrote, they know what an honour and privilege it is to pull that beautiful CH sweater over their head.

  8. with the absence of a blake behind the bench and stand up guys like the rocket and co. what this team needs is a good tough stick boy to put those embarrassing laughing fools in there place.

  9. Darth, not just Rocket. Doug Harvey was one the greatest leaders who ever laced em up, and was loved by most of his teammates and greatly respected by the oppositon. He would’ve looked after these smiling floaters. Because as much fun as he was off the ice, he was all business on, and he would’ve blasted anyone who needed it. Imagine having Rocket, Beliveau, and Harvey.Three of the greatest leaders ever, in the history of hockey. And they all played on the same team.

  10. Absolutely, Chris. Putting the sweater on. That’s as good as it gets, and someone, maybe a good, solid stick boy, would remind them daily. Drum it into them. Hey Gauthier. If there was ever a time to have a stick boy doing stuff like this, it’s now.

  11. Hobo, you’ve nailed it. More and more I feel the team should understand just how important the stick boy would be here. Instilling pride, handing out sticks in lightning fashion. I’m feeling it.

  12. Maybe the Habs should hire R. Lee Emery as a “special stick-boy supervisor”.

    The fact that he would often stand behind Gomez and Kostitsyn would of course just be a “coincidence”.

  13. Darth, I’m not sure I want a drill sargeant beside me while I’m dishing out sticks and adding encouragement and helping J. Martin. But I do like the idea of him breathing over those two necks. I think the best idea is to find a John Ferguson clone to be their teammate. He’d fix them up.

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