Which Politician Is A Habs Fan?

Today, Canadians go to the polls to vote and if you’re a Canadian like me, you have to ask yourself one question – which leader is a Habs fan? And which leader wants to keep the country together.

Stephen Harper is a hockey fan and apparently is writing some kind of hockey history book as we speak. Although I’ve been hearing this forever and still haven’t seen the book at the book store. Harper’s been an Albertan for years and probably cheers for either the Flames or Oilers, but I’ll bet when he’s campaigning in Quebec he says he’s a Habs fan. You can’t trust politicians.

Michael Ignatieff is a Torontonian and might know what hockey is.

Jack Layton plays guitar quite well.

Gilles Duceppe is a Montrealer which is a great start, but he’s also leader of the Bloc Quebecois. I suppose this means he’d like to change the name of our team to Les Canadiens de Quebec if he were to be elected. I’m not sure how that would work.

The Green Party is a possibilty. I’ve always liked Red Green and I guess he and the gang are gathered at Possum Lodge right now as votes are tallied. Good luck, Red. Oh, are you a Habs fan, Red?

Pretty sure the Marxist-Leninist party aren’t Habs fans. Although I’ve always loved their music. To me, there was no band better than George, Ringo, Marx, and Lenin.

The Marijuana Party might be Habs fans. They can’t remember.

The hell with it. I’m voting for Danno’s favourite – The Silly Party. These guys are so great they must be Habs fans.

4 thoughts on “Which Politician Is A Habs Fan?”

  1. I don’t know if Harper is a hockey fan or not and I don’t really care. I suppose judging from his leadership style, bully, he is probably a Bruin or Philly fan, which is my segue to the Boston/Philly series. I have never seen the Bruins look so tame. Where is the in your face nastiness? Where is Lucy looking for a smaller player to beat up on? The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the Bruins truly are Bullies and they only play the way they do against Montreal because they can get away with it. For that alone our “team toughness” approach doesn’t work. It seems that the old saying of those who do not learn from the past are destined/doomed to repeat it is playing out with the management of the Habs. If you remember the early to mid seventies the Canadiens routinely got pushed around until they realized a need to add some grit to back up their skill and only then did they find the answer to such tactics.

  2. DJ, we need one or two guys who can really play and also really fight. There’s no one at the moment to pummel people like Lucic and others. A little added toughness to the Habs would go a long, long way. I wonder if Larry Robinson wants to come out of retirement. Bosotn hasn’t been bullies and either has Philly. I think your point is great that they only play that way against teams that they can get away with it. Like the Habs.

  3. have u noticed how taliban jack’s physical profile is eerily reminiscent of the statues of lennin before they came crashing down. minus the smile and the habs shirt the resemblance is striking………….. habs could use a bully or two.

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