Which Alex Kovalev Will Take To The Ice Tonight?

Which Alex Kovalev will we see Saturday night when the Ottawa Senators visit the Habs in Montreal?

Will he control the puck like it’s on a string, like he would do from time to time during his stint with the Habs, or  will he control the puck like it’s on a string, but then lose it after making one too many moves, which we saw too many times?

Will he play like a youngster, with energy and enthusiasm, or will he play like he’s half asleep and you have to check the lineup to make sure he’s actually there or not? Both of which we saw in the past.

Will he be a puckhog who disrupts any flow the Sens might have, or an unselfish playmaker who dazzles both the Bell Centre fans and his own teammates, just like before? 

Will he be good, or just very, very ordinary? Both of what we saw when he was a Hab.

It’s all impossible to predict. Because this is Alex Kovalev we’re talking about.

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