Whew! Canada Squeaks By Latvia

Canada edged Latvia 2-1 today on a late goal by Shea Weber and it was a bit of a nerve-wracking affair considering Canada outshot the Latvians by an overwhelming margin.

But they couldn’t solve Kristers Gudlevskis who stopped 55 of 57 shots, while Carey Price at the other end wasn’t quite so busy, facing just 16 pucks.

It would’ve been a disaster of major proportions if the Latvians had sent Canada home. Not just about national pride and ego and all that, but there’s also my little joke about the Russian team getting sent to Siberia to consider.

It would’ve been some sort of sick karma.

Canada scored a goal that was disallowed though. The puck was on its way in when a Latvian player, and not the goalie, pulled it back out with his hand.

Looked like a blown call to me, even though they went upstairs twice.

But it’s a win, albeit a scary one.

I didn’t see all of the game, just bits and pieces while giving my usual 147% at work.

“Whatcha think of the game, Elmer?”
“Pass the heart pills, Red.”

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17 thoughts on “Whew! Canada Squeaks By Latvia”

  1. It’s a win but c’mon Canada. Where are the guys who are suppose to score each and every game. We are not scoring and this scares the poop out of me.

  2. It’s as if Price is cursed. No matter who is in front of him they can’t seem to give him a comfortable lead.

  3. By this point, Price must feel as though the Habs are over there in Sochi with him. That non-goal can be explained by two words: Tim Peel. He saw Carey Price in the Canadian net and must have thought that it was the Habs out there, which meant that he HAD to screw them (sorry for the harsh language).

    Looking ahead, it’s hard to be optimistic regarding Friday’s game against an American team that is firing on all cylinders and which has clearly gelled very quickly. It’s certainly nothing that a very talented Norris Trophy Award-winning defenseman wouldn’t help, but why in the world would Mike Babcock want to play someone like that?

  4. They should put PK in, Ian. He might help open it up a bit. I’d still like to know why, after going upstairs twice, it was still decided that was a non-goal, or at least should’ve been a penalty shot.

  5. They can’t Danno. But he’s doing his job and that’s great. Imagine if he’d had a very poor game and Latvia won. My goodness.

  6. They need to open up it, Marjo. Whether or not they can remains to be seen. They aren’t exactly resembling a powerhouse. it’s a bit embarrassing.

  7. Wonderful commentary, Dennis. I saw that the score was 1-1 at the end of the 2nd period and thought, “Uh-oh – please, God, don’t let the unfathomable happen.” Whew….

  8. @Dennis and Ian

    Regarding Canada’s disallowed goal, Stevie.Ray posted this explanation on HIO:

    In regards to playing the puck with your hand the IIHF rule book says “a player shall be permitted to…push [the puck] along the ice”

    And in the case of calling a penalty shot it says, “if any defending player, except for the goaltender, picks up the puck with his hands from the ice in his goal crease, the referee shall award the non-defending team a penalty shot.”

    Smothering the puck with your hand by a player anywhere on the ice is a delay of game penalty, but the Latvian player didn’t smother it, he pushed it under his goalie. So therefore the right call was made.

  9. Thanks Danno. I learn something new almost every day. Although many days I just drift along and learn nothing.

  10. Thanks Eric. I think my boss is on to me about writing my blog when I should be working but he hasn’t said anything yet!

  11. The Latvian goal should not have counted as a replay showed during the first intermission there were too many men on the ice. I don’t want to sound like a whiner but gee wiz what does it take for a penalty to be called in Canada’s favour?? There were some better tackles than I’ve seen in some football games!

  12. IMO Babcock is helping your opponents because he’s not using P.K. I’m quite sure CAN-FIN game wouldn’t have gone to OT with P.K. at the PP.

  13. Dan Hamhuis is dressing as the number 7 defenceman but barely getting any ice-time. Meanwhile Subban has only appeared in the 6-0 win over Austria and it is the only game which we won decisively.

    I think we’ve got the best line-up by far, but for whatever reason, we’re playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

  14. And to add to that, Christopher, MSL is not playing that much either. I’m sure PK and MSL would make a difference.

    If I were PK I would return to Norris trophy to the league with the note “keep your stinkin’ tin” attached.

    As for MSL, sounds like they picked him as a replacement to calm the crowd.

    Am I too cynical?

  15. Good evening fellow fans…it’s been a while. Best to all of you. I have seen every game. Now, let’s stop the complaining & wishy washyness. Team Canada is doing fine, & playing just as the Habs. Do not fret, don’t be so ungrateful. Of course, they will beat the Americans, what’s wrong with you all?
    ‘We just talked about the hockey gods. You just keep doing things right, you’re going to be rewarded,” said the Detroit Red Wings’ coach. “We had some chances. So we just thought if we kept doing it, we’d get a break, we’d score a goal. Did I want to win 7-1? Absolutely. Do I think it’s better for my team that we won the way we did? For sure.”’
    The whole thing is here if you’ve not read .http://www.canada.com/olympics/columns/canada-vs-latvia-olympic-mens-hockey-live-coverage

    What I am trying to get across is Team Canada is doing what Canadiens do, _ waiting for the big guys & then to take them down like they did to Chicago & the others, what’s their name?

    Don’t get me wrong. I m not certain of these things anymore than the coach is but what I hear is the secret to the grand success in hockey is to hold your breath, and then blast away when think they got you. & the Yanks are in for a surprise. Don’t underestimate Team Canada or their coach . This is the Olympics, you think these guys don’t know that? and besides look how fantastic our women’s team has done. Show some solidarity n faith and then send those good vibes, and yes, why not, some prayers out and watch as we go all the way. That’s my view
    Keep the faith .

  16. Hi hockeyfan. I think Canada will play a great game tomorrow. It’s going to be North American hockey, the two teams know each other, and it should be a beauty. The ladies game sure was. And because we’re greedy, we want gold for the men of course, to go with the ladies. It’s only right.

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