Where The Food Is Good

The Florida Panthers are in last place in the east and have lost five of their last six. A couple of games ago the Panthers were bombed 7-1 by Washington. Their main netminder, Jose Theodore, is on the shelf. So is star forward Stephen Weiss.

This is a game the Habs would very much like to win.

Also, you might recall the last time the Canadiens were in Sunrise, much of the bottom middle section of the rink, absolute prime seating, was empty. So it was interesting that just the other day on Sportsnet, host Doug MacLean asked Panthers analyst Bill Lindsay why there’s always so many empty seats down low. Lindsay replied that in that part of the building, the food out in the lobby is really good and fans like to stay out there and eat.

Yes indeed. Real hockey country.



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  1. A win tonight would give the Habs eight points out of a possible ten for this five-game road trip. Things didn’t look so rosy after that terrible loss to the Islanders but they’ve turned it around nicely.

  2. Prust is expected to be out for about 10 days. His injury was described as a Grade One Shoulder Seperation.

    Thankfully, this is the mildest form of such injuries:

    “In a acromioclavicular or AC joint separation, an injury happens to one or more of these supportive ligaments. The injury is typically graded I through III depending on the severity of the disruption. A grade III is the worst . The main stabilizing coracoclavicular ligaments are torn and the arm drops down. It is most evident that there is a prominent end of the clavicle at the point of the shoulder. It is not that the clavicle goes up, but rather that the rest of the shoulder girdle goes downward. A grade I injury occurs when the relationship of the bones stay the same when the injury happens. There is pain, but no dislocation of the AC joint. A grade II is somewhere between these two extremes.”

    Source: Orthopedic Surgeon, Houston, TX – Mark W. Maffet, MD


  3. Dennis, I had to make due with Dr. Maffet’s info. since Dr. Recchi was not available for comment.

  4. As Steven Jobs said, if your business is struggling and the future isn’t looking good for it, bring it to the backyard and shoot it. This is exactly what they need to do with the Sunrise hockey team. I was salivating at those empty seats. Right behind the Habs. Imagine being a Panther and at the bottom of the barrel and have to play to a crowd that prefers the food court lobby? What a drag. I bet you they’d love to play in Quebec City.

    Can someone please remind me why Quebec moved to Denver? This is not a rhethorical question…

  5. Hey Dennis,Yes a great win and a great road trip,I only got to watch the last period in a little bar here in Mexixco.I’ve ben tring hard to see the games but they arent showing them here to often,lots of Jets fans here.Lookiing forward to Wednsdays game.

  6. Marjo, the city of Quebec wouldn’t buy Marcel Aubut a new arena or help help financially, so he moved it. The team was losing money, even though they had a passionate bunch of fans.

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