Where Have You Gone, Benoit Pouliot. Your Team Needs You

I had so much blind faith in Benoit Pouliot. Hey Minnesota, you can have Guillaume Latendresse. He’s way too ineffective. We’ll take Pouliot, who was just used wrong in the past. Things will be different in Montreal.

He’s a big fellow, this Pouliot, 6’3 in fact, with soft hands, and in the beginning he reminded me a little of Jean Beliveau, also 6’3, with the smooth skating style, long reach, and soft hands.

I rubbed my hands with glee.

But now, like a slap in the face, I see why Pouliot, although drafted by Minnesota fourth overall in the 2005 draft, has never amounted to anything more than a journeyman. Because he’s disappeared into the wild blue yonder. He’s invisble, has contributed almost nothing in this post-season, and his name is rarely mentioned even while on the ice.

We need Pouliot’s size and hands. The possibilities are endless. He could be a goal-crasher, a big man hard to move from the front of the net. A big strong, dangerous guy.

Why has he become so quiet? Is it a personality thing? Is it lack of desire? Did things come too easily for him when he was a hot-shot junior, and now doesn’t know the meaning of getting his hands dirty?

He began well in his new Montreal Canadiens uniform, but little by little, he’s earned the right to free-fall from the first line to the fourth, or a ring-side seat on the bench or in  the press box.

Such a shame. Such a waste. Such bad timing when his team needs all hands on deck.

7 thoughts on “Where Have You Gone, Benoit Pouliot. Your Team Needs You”

  1. give him a chance he can score question will there be enough money in the cap to sign halak price will not get them in the plaloffs next year sen me and email on your thoughts

  2. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for your comment. I feel they’re going to have to deal Price. They can’t afford two high-priced goalies, and maybe they can get a real nice player for Price. Halak has proved he’s the guy and he’s still young. It’s too bad, I like Price. But they can’t wait and they probably can’t have both. And Pouliot really needs to get going. He’s invisible.

  3. Good commentary, but you ask some questions. Have you posed those same questions to Benoit? Maybe there lies your answer. For now Martin has him in the line-up.

  4. I think he should be planted in front a TV and forced to watch Gionta reruns. Gionta hits more than he does. Gionta goes to net harder than he does. Even if he doesn’t score, the extra intensity will open the ice for the others to score. Sooner or later they’ll go, but he has to stop dogging it.

  5. Benny has gone to the doghouse apparently, and SK gets a day pass. Will it continue? Only JM knows.

    Benny CAN play. Watch game 2 vs. the Pens. He hit every flightless birdie in sight. He drove the puck in and Gomez fed it to Gio for the tie goal. Not sure why he never did it again after that. Agree with everything Christopher Cordahi wrote.

  6. Thanks, Tyg. Pouliot has it all but it must be more mental than anything else. Sometimes a great coach can bring it out of guys like Benny. Apparently, Martin hasn’t been able to.

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