13 thoughts on “When Things Were Swell For Kostitsyn”

  1. Dennis,

    Take a look at the link.

    A Kostitsyn t-shirt is still at £20. Should I wait a while and see if it will drop to just over £10 like the Halak one?


    And what a bargain for the thick end of a tenner, a Komisarek shirt!

    Buy 2. Just stencil a 6 before the 8 and put Weber over Mike’s name for those nights down the Bell and dye one blue and put a leaf on it before selling it to a deluded Toronto fan for £30.

    Jobs a good ‘un and you pocket a score me ol’ china – as we cockney types might say (but only for the benefit of the tourists).

    More from my new “Creative Sportswear for the Recession” next week….

  2. Excellent idea, Blue Bayou. But I’m not even sure if Leafs fans want a Komisarek shirt. And yes, hold off on the Kostitsyn one. Do you have a player on Chelsea who underachieves like our Kostitsyn? This guy is needed in a big way to perform properly. Montreal doesn’t have a lot of big scorers to say the least, and if Kostitsyn could contribute, what a difference it would make for the team. This is why I’ve been hard on him several times – he’s not helping the team when he could, and that’s a cardinal sin.

  3. While they’re not pulling up trees I can’t think of an attacking player at Chelsea in the AK mould at the moment.

    It seemed in the first part of the season that he was set for a hatful of goals (though quite a small hat given the way Martin has them playing).

    I dunno, is it him, is it the system, is it the disruption to the lines?

    As wag once said, he remains a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.

  4. AK playing like a beast again and finally scores. Jacques Martin called him to his office to give him shit after yesterday’s practice and it seems to have motivated him nicely.

    The enigma is now solved.

    CHelsea defeated Blackburn today 2-0. CHelsea’s had a tough time of late having lost 7-0 to Ipswich last week. I wonder, could Chelsea’s Didier Drogba be their Andrei Kostitsyn?

    I somehow feel CHelsea’s win augurs well for our Habs tonight.

  5. His goal was wonderful, Danno, and it made my heart soar. What a game!
    Chelsea lost 7-0? Wow. That’s like losing 12-0 in hockey maybe.
    Third period coming up. C’mon boys, hold that lead and pop a few more.

  6. Danno/Dennis,

    We beat Ipswich 7-0! I was there with Junior Bayou. It was only his 2nd live game ever.

    It was the FA Cup rather than the league, they are a division below us and had just sacked their manager but we’ll take any win at the moment.

    He saw Chelsea draw 3-3 the week before so that’s 13 goals in a week. He’s being spoiled.

  7. Blue Bayou, when a team plays a division below them, isn’t that cheating? And is Junior Bayou a Habs fan?

  8. Dennis,

    Every team gets to play in the FA Cup. It starts back in October with all the small semi pro leagues and the first week in January is when the top 2 divisions join in. So you get some real giant-killing. We played a few prospects along with the regulars to even it up a bit.

    I don’t know how to tell you this but he follows the Flyers. It’s only ’cause he saw a lad of his age down at the local rink who was a good skater wearing a Flyers shirt and he liked the colours. Just give me time. He’ll come round (I don’t mean that I gave him a kockout blow to the head when he told me).

    I did make certain adjustments to my will when I found out.

    Danno – forgiveness has been granted.

  9. Blue Bayou, I remember when you said one of your kids was a Flyers fan and I was wondering if it was him or not. Tell him Flyers players don’t like small animals and give out broccoli at Halloween, but Montreal players love all creatures and give out money at Halloween. Tell him Chelsea players are Habs fans. You’re going to have to work on this.

  10. Thank you Blue Bayou! You’re a gentleman and a scholar!

    Just one thing. How in the world can anyone be attracted to that ghastly Philadelphia orange? It’s a colour best reserved for pilons and pumpkins not hockey sweaters.

    Please give your little fellow a hug for me. I’m sure he’ll be a Habs fan one day.

  11. Danno, some day Junior Bayou will be a Habs fan and senior Bayou will bring the family to Montreal for a big game. And when that happens, we must be there to witness the event.

  12. Dennis, I can but dream.

    (Danno I think the boy is channelling the current vogue for 70’s inspired fashion and decor and loves his orange.)

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