When They Were Young

My almost complete (missing four) 1954-55 Parkhurst set. And yes, it’s not a mint set and that’s fine. I like them just the way they are.

Detroit won the Stanley Cup this season, defeating Montreal four games to three in the finals. But the Canadiens were without Maurice Richard, who was on the sidelines serving a suspension which had triggered the infamous Richard Riot on March 17, 1955.

The next season, Montreal would begin their run of five straight Stanley Cups.














5 thoughts on “When They Were Young”

  1. If I got back to that collectibles store I should see if they have any of these. I know they had a collection of cards so there should be some there I would think.

    I’m another one that doesn’t care about things being mint condition – it sometimes makes the object that much more real and it feels like it has actual history to it.

    Years ago I went to the restaurant beside the old Forum (sigh) and they had a Beliveau jersey there that was framed. It was torn a bit but it also had blood on it. I thought it was awesome. It gave it soul. Don’t know how the blood got there or how they got the jersey. I bet there was a hell of a story behind that.

  2. We have a chance to be first in the division tonight but Price got sick. Uh-oh.

    I hope Budaj steps up big time tonight.

  3. This will be a good test for the team to see if they can win without Price. I expect a much different style of hockey than we saw when we played the Panthers where we won the game without scoring even one goal in regulation time. I expect to see a much more wide-open and high scoring game. It should be interesting.

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