When Great Habs Were Zooming Boxes

Howie Morenz was born in 1902, so when he was about 15 and paying a nickel to get into the local movie house in Stratford, this is the sort of popcorn box he would’ve thrown from the balcony while sitting with his goofy friends. This is what guys did. Girls giggled with their girlfriends, boys fired popcorn boxes. Nowadays, with round popcorn boxes in theatres, the art of sending these missiles through the air has, I guess, sadly disappeared.

Toe Blake was born in 1912, so when he was about 15, this is the type of popcorn box he would have zipped from the balcony of the movie palace in Coniston if there was a movie palace there, or in nearby Sudbury, where there certainly would have been one.

Maurice Richard was born in 1922, so when he was a young punk in the balcony of his Montreal theatre, this is the sort of popcorn box he would have sent zooming into the heads below.

Henri Richard was born in 1936, so when he was a young teenage punk, this was what he was creating havoc with at probably the same theatres his big brother threw boxes in.

Guy Lafleur was born in 1951, so when he was at the local theatre in Thurso or Papineauville or wherever the closest theatre was, he would’ve sat in the balcony and fired these off. Although to be honest, this box may have come slightly later, maybe with Patrick Roy (b. 1965) beaning heads from the balcony in Quebec City.

3 thoughts on “When Great Habs Were Zooming Boxes”

  1. Danno, that’s so funny. I like that movie. I’ve known about the popcorn trick for years, although I never did it. I even explained it to Luci a few years ago and now with this clip she can see it in action. Thanks.

  2. I love these boxes. Thank god we really don’t have balconies anymore in movie theatres. I’d always be worried to be sitting underneath one. God only knows what would come down from above.

    I notice there’s no box for Gomez. Guess he couldn’t even hit anything then.

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