When Are They Going To Stop Whining About PK?

Sportsnet Hockey Central was mentioning today that Rangers coach John Tortorella is complaining that PK Subban slew footed Brandon Dubinsky and that it was a completely dirty play. And along with Tortorella whining, it was also said by the Hockey Central boys that PK could be the new NHL disturber and is being compared to Sean Avery.

For Christ’s sakes. Sean Avery?

The world’s gone mad.

6 thoughts on “When Are They Going To Stop Whining About PK?”

  1. I have to go to bed. We’re 3-1, Moen won a fight, it’s 16-6 on shots, they’re skating the Rags off the ice, the Rags have lost theirs and getting niggly but PK’ll end up being blamed…..

    Hope they can keep it up….

    And if AK carries on in the same vein, those T shirts might get expensive….

  2. I hope they never stop griping about PK Subban. If he’s gonna get into their heads that much, it makes him that much more effective. Whine away Torts. Whine away Penguins. Whine away all.

    Meanwhile we’ll be over here putting pucks in your net.

  3. Tyg, imagine being compared to Avery? Wow. Not even close. Not by a country mile. PK’s going to be star. Avery’s going to be a clothing designer and is only a couple of years from being right out of hockey.

  4. The problem is, if you look at the vid, it *is* a dirty play. PK seems to be pissing off a bunch of folks, and I would be okay with it if it threw the opposing players off their game. Unfortunately, except for the Dubinsky last night, it’s not working. (And, let’s be serious, it doesn’t take much to annoy Dubinsky.)

  5. I know you’re right, Michel, but I thought Dubinsky and Tortorella trumped it up to make it look dirtier than it was. It didn’t seem to me to be an injury-causing thing, it was more of a take-down. And it’s not so much that others are whining, it’s more about being compared to Sean Avery.

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