What’s Worse? Habs Getting Swept, Or A Life Sentence At Alcatraz?

There’s nothing like a good prison visit to make you feel better after your team has been swept by your arch rivals. So when the Habs bow out for the year, do you think I drink myself into oblivion, or kick the cat, or scream “Why God, Why?” No way. I’ve learned that when the going gets tough, the tough go to Alcatraz.


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2 thoughts on “What’s Worse? Habs Getting Swept, Or A Life Sentence At Alcatraz?”

  1. Honestly I’m just looking forward to next year now. I’m optimistic since brisebois and dandy are gone and even though this year wasn’t good we made the playoffs for the second straight year. Hopefully we are now a yearly playoff team.

    With a real coach (no more first timers please) and letting some riffraff go and some young d coming up I feel good even though this year ended horribly.

  2. Don’t imagine you ran into any Habs fans there, eh? On the upside Dennis–I’ll bet it was an informative and interesting tour. Great pics.

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