What’s The Plan, Bob?

Andrei Markov – four months

Ryan O’Byrne – six weeks

We need a defenceman and we need one fast, Mr. Gainey. Yes, we have Bulldogs like Yannick Weber and Mathieu Carle, and that’s great, but it’s time for an experienced blueliner now. So put together a little package that might include Sergei Kostitsyn for example, make a trade, and get us a good defenceman.

On the double.

27 thoughts on “What’s The Plan, Bob?”

  1. What kind of defenceman do we need?

    A big guy?

    A skilled guy?

    PP Quarterback?

    This will be tough to decide if ever Bob decides to make a deal.

  2. Phil, I think we need a mobile defenceman. But at the moment, I’ll take any of those you mention.

  3. Now’s the time, Phil to put a package together including Sergei and get a d-man with experience. (but not too old). Am I asking a lot?

  4. I don’t think you’re asking a lot at all. Sergei is a talented player, with potential, but he’s just lazy. If he can improve his work ethic. We can get a good player. I’m interested in getting Mark Streit back, perhaps a trade with Sergei and a 2nd round pick, can get him.

    Or Tomas Kaberle, who has been part of many trade rumours last season.

  5. There’s this rumour that it’s your birthday. I think Gainey and another GM owes you a b-day wish.

  6. I HIGHLY doubt Tampa will trade their first round pick that they just got, and Sergei isn’t worth that much. You’re aiming too high, Gillis

  7. oh yeah, right. Hedman. Gillis, you’ve been either drinking too uch moonshine or eating too much acid. But thanks anyways. And it sucks being 37.

  8. You need more beer if you still remember Sidney’s rookie year. Preferably keep drinking until ’93 is short term memory.

  9. So let me get this straight. We lose Markov and Rhino. Number 3 D moves down to the 1st pair, number 5 moves down to the second pair and a newbie from Hamilton becomes number 6 on the 3rd pair. So what exactly is the problem? Obviously we’re not as strong as we were before the injuries but who do people think we’re going to get via trade that can fill in for Markov? Or are people wanting to see an experienced player brought in on the 2nd pair? And just how much are we going to give up to get this guy? It’s too much to pay and in the long run it pushes our developing D further to the back of the bus. Bring up Weber or Carle or Belle and use them sparingly, just to keep the minutes down on the older guys. That’s what depth is for not just trades but to cover injuries to key personnel.

  10. You make a lot of sense, DJ. But if they now go on an extended losing streak due to the fact other team’s forwards are attacking at will because our defence, good but not great, isn’t getting the job done, what then? And what if our power play is feeble because there’s no real quarterback back there?
    Hopefully none of this will happen and we get through it. It remains to be seen.

  11. I think getting someone like Tomas Kaberle or Marc Streit would strengthen the team, yet again, Salary cap is always an issue.

    I just hope Bob Gainey doesn’t get too much crap from the fans and media if he makes a trade or doesn’t.

  12. Those guys would be perfect. But Dishonest John has brought me back to earth a little. He makes sense. We shouldn’t sell the farm or over-react. Hopefully our existing defence can do the job.

  13. But kind of lost our defensive core. Markov was always our best D man and O’Byrne just started to play really well. Our only good PP quarterback we have now is Spacek, but I don’t think he has the talent Markov does, he won’t be able take on the load

  14. I think Weber and Carle are better D-men than Gill and perhaps Mara, alot more mobile for one thing.

    I think if a trade does happen we might see both SK and AK go.

  15. Molbility is very important. That was Markov’s big asset. And A. Kostitsyn has done very little so far. I wonder what Bob’s going to do.

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