6 thoughts on “What’s The Most Beautiful Thing In The World Next To Little Babies? Girls In Bikinis!”

  1. Hey, if the Habs are stay quiet and boring, I’ve gotta come out with the heavy artillery.

  2. The gus at FHF learnt that a while a guess i suppose, but since they liked it so much, they decided to merge it into their hockey talk as well.

    Here’s some news: Crawfor a parlé à Gainey.

    (In case you don’t speak french, it says “Carwford meets with Gainey”)

  3. Geez, I’m not sure about Crawford in Montreal. I saw him for years here on the coast when he was with the Canucks, and I’m not sure I want him coaching our Habs. I wanna be coach. Or stickboy. Or the guy who makes sure the wives are comfortable.

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