What’s Going On? Ten Days And No Stuff?

What the hell’s going on? It’s been more than ten days now, and not one bit of malicious, nutty, silly, dangerous, disturbing, crazy, possibly true, rumour mill madness from the Canadiens’ camp.

Oh, RDS is saying that Larry Robinson might be interested in the coaching job, but that’s pretty well it. I don’t get it. There’s no gangster talk, no accusations, no one’s dating Madonna, no crazy-man Jacques Demers gossip, no videos of Carey Price partying, no talk that Mathieu Schneider and Alex Tanguay tanked the the last few games because they didn’t want their injuries to affect their free-agency chances, no nothing.

This is bullshit. What’s a good Habs team without juicy stuff? Ridiculous. So disappointing. Cripes, it’s been more than ten days.


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