What’s A Deputy Leader?

He didn’t help the Habs so there’s no way I’m voting for the Green Party.

This from Canadian Press:

Georges Laraque Named A Deputy Leader Of Green Party

MONTREAL — The federal Greens are hoping a former NHL tough guy will help beef up the party’s presence in Quebec.

Party leader Elizabeth May has named Georges Laraque as a deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada.

The 260-pound former Montreal Canadiens enforcer joined the Greens last February but his role has been undefined until now.

The announcement is part of an attempt by the party to gain traction in the province.

Laraque will join Adriane Carr as a second deputy leader of the Greens.

Under the party’s constitution, there are two deputy leaders.

He will replace Jacques Rivard, who jumped ship to the Bloc Quebecois in

5 thoughts on “What’s A Deputy Leader?”

  1. From Bleu, Blanc et Rouge to Green

    There once was a goon named Laraque

    Who refused to eat meat or Big Macs

    Expelled from Montreal,

    Because he would not brawl,

    But now he’s a political hack

  2. Thanks, Danno,
    I’m trying to think of a poem,
    While I’m sitting here in my home,
    But everything I write is really sad,
    Like Georges when he was a Hab.

  3. Dennis, here’s another one…

    Georges, the Lean Mean Green Machine


    There once was a goon big and mean

    Georges Laraque was a fighting machine

    Then he discovered the code

    And was told “Hit the road!”

    Now he’s turned a new leaf and it’s Green

  4. Another one….

    All Hail the System


    There once was a coach called Jacques Martin

    Whose system was rigourous and spartan

    He favoured a game defensive

    Which some found offensive

    On the ice he would bring a pie chart in

  5. One more…

    Halak of Cap Space


    There once was a guy named Halak

    Who stopped the pucks dead in their tracks

    A goalie sensation,

    Who rocked the Habs Nation

    He was traded and won’t ever come back

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