Whatever It Takes To Help Them Win

I’ve almost come down from my Habs/Halakian high I’ve been on since Monday night. Almost, but not quite. It was just too good to be true, the way the team shut down the high-powered offence of the Washington Capitals, and the way Jaroslav Halak was absolutely lights-out for the full 60 minutes.

It made my heart soar like an eagle.

Now it’s waiting for game seven. “Game seven.” Doesn’t that have nice, wicked ring to it?

How do I prepare for a big game? I don’t do much. I try not to answer the phone after the puck drops.  But I can tell you, from the minute I wake up on game day, I think about what lies ahead. When I was a kid, game day was like going to the circus. I couldn’t wait. The hours just dragged by, waiting to see my Habs again. We were lucky to see them once a week, or once every couple of weeks. It was always Leafs, Leafs, Leafs where I come from. And there were only two channels.

I still have this feeling of excitement and anticipation after all this time, so I guess I’ve never grown up. However, I really don’t have any special routine I follow, unlike this fellow:

I received an email yesterday from a reader, Mikey D,  and he explained what he does to get ready.

“This is my routine. First, I put on my special Habs shirt which has only been worn for t.v games and never outside of my home. It’s got 23 cups on it and is washed only once a year. Well, hey…I’m a superstitious guy! Then I put on the 1993 Stanley Cup hat. Both have their own hangers. Then I cook up my burger and fries and put the meal on my stool with the Habs cover. I set up Stevie Ray on the stereo and grab my chilled Habs mug and fill it with my favourite beverage. Finally, I open my windows so that my neighbours can hear my cheers. They might be tired of hearing  “The House is a Rockin’ but they know I’m a die hard Habs fan and they leave me alone. Hey…if I was a Caps fan they’d be stuck listening to Milli Vanilli and look what happened to them when they thought they won!!!!  Win or lose…we are still the greatest.”  Mikey D.

Yes, indeed. Habs fans are a special breed.

26 thoughts on “Whatever It Takes To Help Them Win”

  1. Dennis, this comes from H I/O blogger (and Youtuber) by the name of HabsoluteFan who put together a gem of a video about this thrilling series. The ending is really special. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Hey, you’re right on……leafs, leafs, leafs every damn saturday nite! I loved it when Danny Galivan and the Habs were on! Foster Hewitt used to drive me crazy!

    After game 2 I sent an email to the pricks at Versus/Comcast for their absolutely shitting calling of that game. They have not been on since so maybe i can take some credit for that

    Damn I hope they win tomorrow nite and stick it right up the caps ass!

    btw….you’re right on a again only two channels in Fort William (aka T. Bay now) back then on Videon!!

  3. i would stay over at my buddies place on sat. he was the only guy who could get a very grainy, snowy feed of the hab games on cbc peterborough. but danny’s voice came thru loud and clear. the next day playing ball hockey, back when you could play it on the road, we would both commentate gallivan style at the same time over using our newest dannyisms. habs always won in seven.

  4. The only show in hockeytown tonight…I do believe in the 7th game magic.
    Halak will be stellar once again.
    and Go Habs…(in 7)

  5. hey hobo….and here i thought that ball hockey on the road after school every day was a thunder bay thing!

    and as Danny Gallivan used to say, “and here comes Cournyer gathering speed at the blue line, he splits the defense, and ohhhhhh a scintilating save by Sawchuk on a shot that just missed the far side”!

  6. Dennis this is the best time of the year! The excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead tonight.

    Go Habs Go!!! Caps goalies must be shaking just thinking about facing Halak.

    Mikey D. love your superstitions. I’m not the only one yelling at the t.v. and scaring my dogs.

  7. This IS the best time of the year………every nite’s a superbowl!

    wings won…great! hawks finally beat preds……great! now……….go habs!!


    (from T Bay but living in Chicago since 1976 after graduating from LU)

  8. Danny also would say “The pass from Lapointe… and a cannonating shot from Lafleur.”

    I too have to admit that I have scared my pet birds a couple of times as I went bananas yelling at the TV. Our poor pets don’t know what to think of us anymore.

    Dennis, we have to get all our ducks in a row for tonight. Pull out all stops. And any advice on how to please the hockey gods tonight would be most welcome.

    Throw a Leaf fan into a volcano? 🙂

  9. I’ll be spending some time with my little girl Emily before the game… probably playing Wii Bowling and/or Mario Kart….

    She always asks who won the games… if Montreal I always get a resounding “Yay!”.

    Go Habs Go!!

  10. ………. just reloaded the frig with a fresh 12 pack of Cours lite…….will need it in either case………

  11. I have an anti-Habs brother next door. When the Habs beat Vancouver this year, I would activate the alarm/horn on my JEEP when ever the Habs scored. It drove him crazy. Funny though.

  12. Not sure if you’ve heard dennis but what the guys over at Four habs fans think what it takes as a fan to help their team is to not where their pants. No joke, look in the comments on todays post.

    PS. I like the title “Whatever it takes…” Mostly because that is what the big banner behind the Montreal Impacts (soccer) net had written on it for their championship game… which they won.

  13. Doug D, Like your comments but it was Foster Hewitt who coud not pronounce Ivan’s name nor the Big M’s.
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  14. ha! he was probably pissed off cause Frank told the leafs to take a hike and went over to les habs!

    damn, double damn i hope they shove it up wash ass tonite!!!!!!!!!

    getting nervous, think i will go over to the gym for an hour b4 game time and get a good hour of pink floyd………always seems to chill me out….

    both goofy foster and bill sucked the big one for sure!

  15. Gym and Pink Floyd. This is what I should be doing for gawd’s sakes. Instead, I’m cooking potatoes and twiddling my thumbs. Love Pink Floyd. The gym’s a lot of work, though.

  16. DK, I like my potatoes with butter, salt, horseradish, garlic & a little taste of dill weed. When your done send some over! GO HABS GO!!!!
    Les Canadiens Toujours!!!!

  17. Went to bed late last nite…..and up early this am to go to work.

    Truly amazing…..I have been savoring it all day as I am sure you and everyone in montreal is doing same.

    Ovechkin might want to go to a pee wee hockey school this summer to learn how to keep his head up when crossing the blue line and maybe pass once in a while. Gill and Georges had his number for sure.

    It crossed my mind after game 2 that if John Ferguson was still playing, just how long do you think Overchkin would have carried on the way he did……….!

    Unlike last year when they went away in 4 easy games, they seem to have developed an identity again, like the old days which will only improve.


    best, Doug


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