What Was That?

I’m sitting here trying to wrap my head around what we all just saw. Kind of at a loss for words.

One thing’s for sure, the Canadiens were pathetic.

They also won.

Carey Price was unreal, with 44 shots peppered at him, maybe 15 of which were ultra-tough, and he sprawled and dived and stuck gloves and pads out and looked like Vladislav Tretiak during the 1975 New Year’s Eve game.

P.K. Subban scored the winner in overtime, and the Canadiens grab two big points. Price (and PK’s goal) was the good part.

The rest of the night sucked rancid rats.

This was a game that folks will be talking about for awhile. It was nothing short of ridiculous, but you had to see it to know what I’m talking about.

I suppose I could give a brief rundown to those who decided to forgo the Habs-Senators tilt to grab a Gallagher at McDonalds. But it’s hard to type when I can’t stop shaking my head.

Montreal jumped into a 3-0 lead in the first period when Travis Moen sent Tomas Plekanec in on clear-cut breakaway when they were killing a penalty.

Max upped it to 2-0 shortly after on the powerplay, and then David Desharnais made a nice little move to make it 3-0.

Three goals on five shots. A glorious night to be a Habs fan. 3-0. Maybe it’ll be 6-0 at the end! Ole Ole!

But without warning, a puck that changed direction made it 3-1, still in the first. And then Erik Karlsson found himself with a wide open net and just like that, it was 3-2.

Shots on goal – Ottawa 19, Montreal 7. But the Canadiens were still winning, as weird as it was.

In the second frame, Carey Price was once again as good as he’s ever been, coming up big on Michalek, Ryan, Stone, and I stopped writing down the others after that.

And suddenly, and with lots of warning because it was so one-sided the boys should be ashamed of themselves, Bobby Ryan tied it at 2:44 and somebody else, and I don’t care who it was, put the home team ahead 4-3 with 1:20 left.

As pathetic as you’ll see from the Canadiens. I thought they were dead or seriously hungover in Philadelphia, but this one takes the cake. I could smell Sens fans’ smugness all the way from St. Hubert.

But as bad as it was, as one-sided and ridiculous as this game was, Tomas Plekanec tied it after being sent in on a nice pass from Brian Gionta, and although he didn’t score, I want to give a big shout out to Jared Cowan, who was chasing him and knocked the puck into his own net by accident.

To think of the Sens fans’ disappointment at that moment warmed the cockles of my heart. But it wasn’t over…………until overtime that is, when P.K. Subban got the puck to sneak by Anderson and the boys skate away with a 5-4 win!

It was like being on the receiving end of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, all the tommy gun bullets missed, and you walked out of the warehouse safe and sound.

Basically, it was a horrendous night. A truly stupid night that somehow ended with the Canadiens winning.

The only two excellent things were Carey Price standing on his head and showing once again how good he is, and the lovely vision of Sens fans grinding their teeth and throwing beer cans at the wall.

The Canadiens need some serious tweaking. That was as bad as it gets, and there’s been some serious stinkers this year. But this was unreal. They looked like a junior team. They floundered, they were outworked and outmuscled.

And they still won. After blowing a 3-0 lead. After having 44 shots peppered at them. WTF?

Random Notes:

Only two penalties on the entire night, one for each team. Just part of the overall weirdness.

Shots on goal – 44-23, including 19-7 for the Sens in the first, 19-10 in the second, and 6-5 in the third.

But Carey Price and P.K. Subban came through, and although it’s a win and two points and keeps the Senators from inching closer, it was still pathetic and unacceptable, and I can’t wait for some sort of change to occur.

I’m sure there’s a ton of teams that would dearly love to have Rene Bourque and Daniel Briere.

In the Austrian league.

Now it’s on to Toronto. Gawd, what’s next?





19 thoughts on “What Was That?”

  1. So often in the past, folks would say—Price needs to STEAL a game—- he could be charged with theft last nite and the boys sat and let him do it!! It’s easier to say after we got the 2 pts, but lopsided as it was I didn’t fall asleep.

  2. And the most bizarre part of the night? Darren Dreger on TSN saying that Carey Price “needs to be better”! What? WHAT??????????

  3. Hey Dennis, Yup, once again the Habs let their goaltender down.I just can’t understand how you can build a lead and then try to sit on it through two plus periods knowing full well that anything can happen in hockey these days.Carey Price was phenominal even though he allowed 4 goals. Thomas Plekanecs was very good as well,he is always giving his best and he was rewarded with two pucks behind Anderson,he is now tied for the lead in shorthanded goals in the league,not bad eh.

  4. The team has to get bigger. And there’s a handful of guys who continue to do very little, like Bourque. Last night was the kind of thing we’ll see in the playoffs. But maybe with Price they’ll roll through and he’ll be given the Conn Smythe!

  5. The only good that came out of that game was the two pointa and the way Price played. Other than that, it was embarrassing and the team is going nowhere until some tweaks are made.

  6. I know that TSN has an inherent Toronto bias, and I can almost live with it, because that’s what I expect, but is it too much to ask that they have ONE person on there who doesn’t hate the Canadiens?

    Turning to the game itself, well, other than Price, the less said, the better. That was a completely undeserved two points, thanks to Price’s heroics. And, I’ve completely had it with Rene Bourque. He should be booed, loudly and constantly. I was hard on DD earlier this season, but I never questioned his effort. Bourque looks like he doesn’t give a you-know-what as he flits up and down the wing, shying away from contact wherever and whenever possible. Here are his CAREER stats since joining the Habs: He’s now played 101 games for the team. Total goals: 18. Total assists: 10. That’s a total of 28 points in over 100 games. His +/-: A whopping -21. You know what that means? HE STINKS. Therrien’s refusal to bench him permanently baffles me.

  7. Interesting, Ian. I didn’t know Bourque’s total stats and when I see that, it’s amazing 28 points in 100 games. And he coasts and doesn’t ever seem to give much effort. I’m also baffled by Therrien and some of these moves. Bourque could be a complete asset. He’s big, has a great shot, and he can skate. But he sleepwalks and I hate this kind of effort. We all do. I just wonder what Bergevin thinks of all this. He was a player for goodness sakes.

  8. Dennis, I could almost live with the lack of offensive production if he at least contributed at the other end of the ice, but as that horrendous -21 shows, he’s a tremendous defensive liability as well.

  9. Now I know how all you Habs fans felt when the Sens won game one in the playoffs last year. Completely outplayed us but Anderson stole the game for us.
    Ain’t KARMA a bitch!!! Good luck against the Leafs.

  10. That was weird. I was at work keeping an eye on the score. I was a bit concerned about the number of shots we were giving up but left very happy that we were up 3-0. By the time I got to the car it was already 3-2. I was no longer as happy.

    Price came up big when we needed him, especially early on, but watching the replays of the 3rd and 4th goals I think he should have stopped them. He might have been cheating a bit out of position on the 4th goal, it had started as a 3-on-2. The 3rd goal simply went through him, I don’t think he was screened.

  11. Finally Bergevin remembered he has a team full of prospects in Hamilton; Beaulieu and Nattinen have been recalled. They’ll be joining the Canadiens in Toronto. Did they have to get within walkie-talkie distance of Hamilton to do this?

  12. I really only saw the third period and the overtime but I kept thinking to myself is Briere even dressed. I couldn’t remember seeing him on the ice. Was he benched?

  13. I agree with the comments about Bourque, at the end of every game if you see a close up of him it’s the same no emotion blank look. We were warned when we traded for him that he sleep walks through most games & it’s turned out to be true sadly!

  14. Briere had 4 shifts totaling 02:52 of ice-time in the 3rd period. What was Bergevin thinking? Briere even has no-trade and no-move clauses so we’re completely stuck with him for another year. Pick the poison.

    Play or bench him: $4M salary, $4M cap hit, on roster
    Buy him out: $2.7M salary, $4M cap hit, off roster
    He retires (his choice): no salary, $4M cap hit, off roster
    Demote him (if he accepts): $4M salary, $3.9M cap hit, off roster
    Trade him (if he accepts): unknown retained salary, same cap hit, off roster
    Break his legs (LTIR): $4M salary, maybe no cap hit, off roster

    We’re also stuck with Bourque for two more years, but I’m optimistic that there will be some trade opportunities. Maybe Calgary wants him back. Here’s a summary of the contributions and salaries of Bourque and Cammalleri.

    Cammalleri statistics in Calgary
    Season GP G A P Sal Cap
    2011-2012 28 11 8 19 2.8 2.8
    2012-2013 44 13 19 32 4.1 3.5
    2013-2014 37 13 8 21 3.8 3.3
    total 109 37 35 72 10.7 9.6

    Bourque statistics in Montreal
    Season GP G A P Sal Cap
    2011-2012 38 5 3 8 2.1 1.8
    2012-2013 27 7 6 13 1.8 2.0
    2013-2014 36 6 1 7 2.2 1.8
    total 101 18 10 28 6.1 5.6

  15. Great stuff, Christopher. I’d buy him out. Those $11 beers at the Bell should cover it no problem.
    Also, I wanted Cammalleri gone, but I was expecting some equality in return.

  16. Well, contrary to what Ian believes, boy are we lucky to have Price both play for the Habs and team Canada! Wow, wow, wow, what a game he played against Ottawa. Surely, Wait has a lot to do with his success as well –excellent move by MB.

    I agree about Bourque and Briere, but especially Briere. He’s washed up and hasn’t given us any indication that he was in a temporary slump. I think this is permanent.

    As for us needing a bigger team, if the big guys we have so far (Eller, Bourque, Moen and Prust) can up their scoring then I would agree, but these big guys have yet to be on any scoring spree. DD’d doing well, Gio comes and goes…Yes, when the playoffs come it will be more physical but our big guys we have right now, need to start scoring.

    Now how about Martin St-Louis?!? The biggest mistake, I think, was not to give him a place on team Canada. A hat-trick in the first period against SJ? Excuse me????

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