What The…..?

Don Cherry said game one of the Boston-Vancouver series was the worst Stanley Cup final game he’s ever seen, which I disagreed with in a previous post. But on the radio, around the same time I heard about Gilbert Brule picking up Bono hitchhiking, I also heard the following.

Legendary player/coach/TV analyst Howie Meeker was interviewed from his home in Parksville and he said he’s probably seen several hundred Cup final games in his life, and this was one of the best.

One hockey guy says it was the best, the other says it was the worst.

What the f……?


9 thoughts on “What The…..?”

  1. Hey Dennis,Don Cherry is wrong,I thought that was an exciting game to watch,it went right down to the wire which is the kinda game I always enjoy.Howie Meeker is a nice guy.I taught a weekend hockey school in Gold River in 93 and he was a Super guy.I drank with him in the pub and actually asked him what he thought of Don Cherry,his reply was “Don Cherry is a good guy”.I think Don was just pissed cause the Bruins dint win or he was just pissed period.The canucks played hard against a powerplay of four minutes then a two man advantage for just about two minutes and faired quite well.I think Don should just keep doing what he does best and never mind shitting on the Canucks.

  2. Hi Derry. I’ve definitely seen worse games games than that over the years. When it gets down to just one goal with only 19 sconds left, you know it had to be a good game.

  3. Dennis, you know what made me go “What the f—?” I found out I share the same birthday as Gary Bettman.

    But that’s where our similarities end.

    Maybe after you finally become Habs/Expos/owner/stickboy/batboy I will get the support of the owners to become NHL Commissioner after you convince them all to fire Bettman’s ass.

    Stay tuned…

  4. Was one drinking adult beverages and not the other? If so, which one? I’m sure the refs thought it was a good game too. They were certainly having fun.

  5. I don’t know who was drinking what, Tyg, but from my TV it was a pretty good game. Not the worst ever like our Mr. Cherry says.

  6. June 2nd. When Danno and Gary Bettman were born. And yes, when I’m Habs/Expos/owner/stickboy/batboy, Bettman will have his ass kicked. As far as naming a new Commissioner after that, I’ll have to see. There’s a lot of qualified candidates but I’m thinking Gaston.

  7. I think Gaston would be better suited to replace Brendan Shanahan as head disciplinarian. Colin Campbell and Brian Burke before him have shown that you have to be a top of the line asshole for that job too.
    I can imagine Gaston seeming to be nice and offering to take the player out for drinks. There he’ll force him to chug a several pitchers of DKRFSB. Then Gaston will start a big bar brawl and expect the player to take save his scrawny ass. No need for a suspension, the player won’t be able to get out of his hospital bed for days. If he’s lucky it will only be due to bruises, having his stomach pumped and maybe a broken bone. Repeat offenders risk going blind or needing a kidney or liver replaced.

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