12 thoughts on “What, Me Worry?”

  1. I’m confused. Would you please explain which one’s Alfred E and which one’s Dennis K?

    This reminds me of that detergent ad…

  2. Hobo, I thought I reminded people of Rudolph Valentino, not Alfred. You see, this is why I have issues.

  3. What were you studying? Or more importantly, why were you still studying when everyone else had gone home? I hope you had a pretty teacher to appreciate your hard work.

    Since we’re discussing signatures, whose is that under your book?

  4. What eagle eyes, Chris. I got the picture out and it’s too small to read. And what was I studying? I’m pretty sure it was “The Origins of Species.” And the teacher? If it was grade one it was Miss Graham, a nice red head. Grade two? Mrs. Williams. Nice but too old. Grade three? Can’t remember. Grade four? Sister St. Dorothy.

  5. Well done Dennis! I’ve got to applaud a 6 year old who uses detention to spend some quality alone time with sweet little Miss Graham. You were wise way beyond your years.

  6. Thanks, Derry. Beaver Cleaver I don’t mind. Or Wally. Or even Eddie Haskell. But not Alfred E. You’ve restored my self-esteem.

  7. Beatnik, I’ll take that. I thought maybe my parents got the idea for my name from Dennis the Menace but I Googled it and found that Dennis the Menace didn’t come into being until about five months after I was born.

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