5 thoughts on “What Kind Of Goalie Is Ken Dryden?”

  1. Great ads. 🙂

    I think if Cialis worked that well though one would be mighty exhausted after those 36 hours. But boy would you have one heck of a smile on your face afterwards. You’d be in such a good mood you’d say: Hey, those Bruins aren’t so bad after all, what’s all this fuss about?

    That’s probably how one can go through a rivalry – make sure to get lucky after every game and things will be just fine.

    Life lessons from Dr. Darth. (No wonder I’m so poor).

  2. Darth, when I’m Habs owner I’ll give you a nice job and you won’t be poor anymore. Danno and Chris and Diane and Mike and a few others are already pencilled in for upper-management jobs, and Hobo will be doing the national anthem because he’s a musician, but I’m sure I can find a slot for you. What about beverage manager? Chief scout? It’s something we’ll have to work on.

  3. Beverage manager may not be a good idea if I have access to the beer stock.

    I’m easy to please. Just stick me somewhere where I can see each game at the Bell Centre and I’ll be happy. Heck – make me the executive driver even!

    So…you only need about 500 million or so? That’ll take a few months to get at most?

    And thank you for the job offer, I will take you up on it.

  4. Thanks Danno. It took me about five seconds looking at the picture to clue in and then I laughed out loud. And yes, no mixing with DKRSFB. You can’t even mix food with the DKRSFB. Drink at your own risk.

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