What? It Hasn’t Sold Yet?

Previously I had mentioned that a fellow in Quebec had listed this on eBay in the hopes of luring some unknowing and unsuspecting fool into paying $15,000 for a $100 picture. Well, to your and my great surprise, it hasn’t sold yet. But there’s still time! You’ve got two days left to get your $15,000 ($15,524 Can) signed picture of the Rocket. And don’t forget, it’s free shipping!

I’ve been thinking about how and why someone might decide to list something for such a ridiculous price and I’ve come up with a possible and plausible answer. Maybe the guy was originally suckered himself, doesn’t know it, paid $14,000 for it and now wants to make a tidy $1000 profit!


Price: US $15,000.00

Approximately C $15,524.25
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3 thoughts on “What? It Hasn’t Sold Yet?”

  1. I was going to buy it. How could I pass up that free shipping? Overnight delivery with insurance would have to be at least $100.
    But then I noticed Canada Post Lettermail arriving all crumpled up if at all and costing all of 54¢.

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