What Is The Right Thing To Do?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that if the NHL goes on strike in a year or two, I’m going to have to find something different to blog about, and it occurred to me that a Dear Abby thing might work.

This happened today and would make an excellent Dear Dennis entry;

Dear Dennis,
I was at the dentist today and as usual, there were several seconds of sharp pain as the hygienist cleaned and later the dentist picked about. On the way out, the nurse said to take a free toothbrush from the free toothbrush basket, and I took three. But I think the receptionist saw me take more than one. What should I do to not feel guilty?

Dear DK
They hurt you, remember? They owe you more than one lousy toothbrush. You should’ve taken four.

8 thoughts on “What Is The Right Thing To Do?”

  1. Dear Dennis,
    I hear the Internet is completely over. Where am I going to find my porn?

  2. Dear Dennis and DK,

    You only took 3 toothbrushes because they stiffed you on the floss quotient that you were due.

    Sleep well with that clear conscience.

    Signed, your PSYCHO-therapist in Boston.


    Dear Dennis:

    I’ll admit I like to look at the eye candy that are hockey players in the NHL. I dream about handing them soap and towels. Are these urges normal for a hockey fan who is a woman and not a puck bunny?

    Confused in Beantown

  3. Dear Confused in Beantown,
    Forget about NHL players. Without their equipment and skates on they’re only maybe five feet tall and 120 pounds. Their size is just an illusion and they also scare babies. Now bloggers, that’s a different story. These are salt of the earth, he-men who kick sand in hockey players’ faces.

  4. Hey Dennis, I liked your first saga there with the dentist and patient,try substituting the word dentist with proctologist and it could be a different ball game

  5. You kidding me? I would’ve punched the dentist and hauled ass, taking that whole toothbrush basket with me

  6. Everything’s great, Dennis! School’s starting again, and i unfortunately didn’t come back to Canada this year.
    I’ll be moving back next year permanently though, as I start Cegep.

    How was your summer?

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