What If He Doesn’t Like Hockey? Or Becomes A Leafs Fan?

After my story about my little two-year-old grandson Cameron becoming a Habs fan, Cameron talks to the kids, this comment arrived from the little guy’s mother (my daughter, Shannon).

“As much as I don’t get your obsession for hockey or the Habs (I guess maybe it’s comparible to my obsession for horses), I admire your passion. As long as Cam doesn’t kick me off my favourite show for a hockey game (I guess you’ll have to buy him his own t.v when he’s older for that reason, you know, since it’ll be your fault if he does), I guess it’s okay that you insist he’s a Habs fan. I hate to think of the day that he may announce that he’s a Canuck or Flames fan, or, God forbid the Leafs. Or what if he doesn’t even like hockey? What if he’s into art or dancing or soccer? What then? You’d better prepare yourself, dad, just in case. I’d hate to think that my son would be responsible for a heart attack.”

Geez, thanks, Shannon. WHAT IF HE BECOMES A LEAFS FAN?

10 thoughts on “What If He Doesn’t Like Hockey? Or Becomes A Leafs Fan?”

  1. Oh thank God it’s not just me. I worry that my 14 month old nephew will turn to the dark side and embrace the Team That Shall Not Be Named lest it jinx my ongoing efforts to turn his wee brain onto the glory of the Habs. I know just how you feel Dennis. I mean, I’ll have to disown him at the very least, and cut him out of my will, leaving everything to my brother’s cat instead. There are lines that cannot be crossed with me, and this is one.

  2. We have to keep at it, Tyg. Outside forces will try to sway them. We have to be strong and persistant. And you’re back on quote of the day.

  3. Being a Habs fan is a calling. It’s no different than a religon to the believers but to the non-believers its hard to understand. With the right kind of upbringing these kids can embrace the CH and become enlightened. Subtle suggestions could work or perhaps subliminal tapes played while the mom’s out and you are looking after your grandson. It also wouldn’t hurt if there was a championship or three that would inspire him. Kids love a winner. Whatever you do take notes and write a book on it. Hockey dads and grandpas the world over would pay big bucks for that info. Also no offence intended as I have a daughter that is a Flames fan but that your daughter should mention her child as a possible Leaf fan is…well disrespectful. Best of luck!

  4. Don, you’re right. Kids love a winner. We just need the Habs to get going and kids everywhere will become fans.

  5. He’d probably only become a Leafs fan if he became angsty and rebellious, or for some reason wanted to upset you, but I don’t see that happening.
    (I’ve seen it happen in one other case: the youngest son of an Ontario family I know is the only Habs fan, mostly to upset his Leafs-loving dad. In this case it makes perfect sense, though: the young son is as level-headed as a teenage boy can be, whereas his father is somewhat unpleasant.)

  6. Dennis, you would love and embrace Cameron no matter what team he supports. Yes, CH first and foremost, but you will let him think for himself. If he roots for the team in Toronto, you would embrace the rivarly and he at least likes a Canadian team.

    Worst case scenario, he likes the Phoenix Coyotes.

    Let’s just hope he embraces hockey and not soccer.

  7. Diane, I love my grandkids so much and I wish I lived in the same town as them (Nelson). Maybe some day.

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