London, Paris, And Powell River At Her Mercy

Travellers in London and Paris weren’t the only ones held hostage by Mother Nature lately.

High winds forced the ferry that delivers folks back and forth between Vancouver Island and Powell River to tie up until it was safe to sail, thus stranding people trying to get home for Christmas.

It was a mess. I know because I’m a ferry worker, working just south of Powell River on another route, and we heard all about it.

The ferry terminal in Powell River was littered with cars and people bearing gifts with nowhere to go and stuck until further notice. Hundreds of people. Many waited all night and through the next day. Anger and anxiety cropped up. The boys in blue were called to maintain peace and good will.

Some finally took the long and winding road south to Vancouver, crossed over in more stable waters, and headed back up the Island, an island they could see just across the water when they were stuck in the parking lot, before they made the decision to go the long way around.

An hour and a half journey on one ferry became a twelve or fourteen hour ordeal involving three ferries – two to Vancouver and one more to Vancouver Island.

One fellow, flying from Edmonton to Comox with plans to ferry over to Powell River to visit his dad, found out after arriving that the boat wasn’t sailing and decided to grab a cab down to Nanaimo to get another sailing across to Vancouver. The taxi ride cost him $200.

Late Christmas Eve, after two days of waiting, the winds finally died down and the ferry started up. It even sailed an extra sailing at midnight to make sure everyone going home for Christmas actually got there.

There are a lot of people in different parts of the world, including the slightly isolated little town of Powell River, BC, who aren’t happy with that old broad Mother Nature right now.

6 thoughts on “London, Paris, And Powell River At Her Mercy”

  1. Dennis, God bless the ferry workers and all the hard-working people in the transportation industry during this busy, hectic time of year.

    Hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved break in the action.

  2. Doesn’t seem fair that the island has a coastal highway but not the mainland. I guess all those beautiful rivers along your Sunshine Coast make it tough.

    While Mother Nature has her attention elsewhere, Central Canada has had it relatively easy.

  3. Thanks, Danno. Some of the public doesn’t like ferry workers but many understand what we’re up against. I think it’s similar to postal workers in many ways.

  4. Christopher, central Canada deserves a nice weather break from time to time. You guys get way too many bad snowstorms. I remember them well.

  5. Did you guys catch the 24/7 caps/pens this morning. I think it was the first two episodes. What was the red stuff (ketchup?) around Bruce Boudreau’s mouth? Did he just finish a meal right before the actual HBO interview with that stuff around his mouth. That’s embarrassing if that was the case.

  6. Mayo, I saw that the other day and noticed Boudreau’s mouth too. Looks like ketchup. It also looks like HBO isn’t editing anything which can be both good and bad.

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