What Could Be More Habs-Related Than Vincent Lecavalier?



Below is an article from a 1997 Hockey News. I’ve borrowed it and I don’t care. I’m a rebel. And sometimes I’m lazy. And the picture above has nothing to do with the article, except that this is Vinny posing with someone many of you wouldn’t mind posing with.

Now quit looking at the picture and read the story for gawds sakes:

Rimouski Oceanic centre Vincent Lecavalier will be the most-watched player in the Quebec League this season, but Hull Olympics’ coach Claude Julien already had a sneak preview of what fans can expect.

Lecavalier, the pre-season favourite to be the No. 1 pick at next year’s NHL entry draft, was part of the Canadian under-18 team that won the Tri-Nations tournament in the Czech Republic in August. Lecavalier scored the winning goal in Canada’s 3-2 victory over the Czech Republic in the final and finished the tournament with three goals and six points in three games.

“He was by far the best player there,” Julien said. “He was dominant. He plays hard at both ends of the ice. He has great hands and skills like Mario Lemieux. His work ethic is extraordinary. Any time you talk he’s so attentive. He listens and wants to learn and most of all he wants the puck.

“At this moment, I can’t see anyone else going first overall. You can’t go wrong picking Lecavalier.”

11 thoughts on “What Could Be More Habs-Related Than Vincent Lecavalier?”

  1. This post is making me re-evaluate my career choice. These were my top 3 when I was in school:

    * Pro sports athlete
    * Swimsuit model photographer
    * Computer programmer

    Is technology still sexy?

  2. No way technology is sexy. Playboy photographer is good. Swimsuit photographer is good. Towel guy at a topless beach is good. Pro athlete is good. But technology? Can’t see it.

  3. Technology isn’t sexy, but the crazy money for crazy ideas was. Only on the Internet can you lose money on every transaction, but be worth billions. The Internet and hockey teams in southern US.

  4. Hi Dennis, I was shocked to see some photographer put another woman’s face on my body! How are your eyes doing?

  5. I put another face on your body. I didn’t want low-lifes like Alex Ovechkin knocking on your door. Doing good, thank you. Except it feels like a piece of dirt in my eye all the time. I have another appointment on Thursday. How are you? That’s the important question.

  6. Ah, Dennis, you will be back in full health in no time. I’m well. Can’t wait until November when our teams go head to head again. Sorry to hear yellow and black still hurts your eyes. Funny, those colors make me feel very relaxed and at home. Now, make sure you catch the ferry this time – that’s right, push the elderly and the infirm out of the way to get your spot. Make me proud.

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