What Are Those Leafs Thinking Before The Big Game

I’m not above using a picture I’ve used before, and there’s four reasons why I don’t feel bad about this:

The Habs play the Leafs tonight;

It’s Christmas and this is a Christmas picture;

This is a beautiful picture;

It’s my picture.


Notice how the Leaf kids look scared of the Habs kids? The Leaf kids just seem more tentative, nervous, like they have quite a few less points than the Habs. They know the game will be difficult. They know there will be lots of Habs jerseys in the stands, and half the Air Canada Centre will be cheering for the visitors.

“Why, oh why do we have to play the Habs?” some of the Leafs in the picture were heard to say. “Why can’t it be an easier team – like Boston?”

“Maybe I’ll call in sick,” said one Leaf. “You can’t do that, I’m already thinking of doing it and I thought of it first,” said another.

“Maybe we can set fire to our equipment like what happened to the Wild in Ottawa,” offered another.

“You Leafs are ridiculous,” said one of the girls in the picture. “The Habs put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you. Get out there and at least try. Play those Habs. Sure you’ll lose, but it least you’ll be men about it.”

11 thoughts on “What Are Those Leafs Thinking Before The Big Game”

  1. The Leafs don’t need to set fire to their equipment, they torched their defence and signed Komisarek.

  2. HeyDennis;How was your Christmas ?Hope you got all you wished for,as you will tonite I’m sure,tell me something though…isn’t that Glenn Anderson on te far right in that picture with the fur lined hood on his head,I could be wrong of course but it does bear some resebalance.

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