We’ll Take These Two Points, Thank You Very Much

It just warms the cockles of my heart. I feel a glow. Thank you, Mike Komisarek

With Toronto outshooting Montreal by double the margin, and leading 3-2 late in the third period, Mike Komisarek once a Hab, now a Leaf, took one of his classic and ill-timed penalties, and shortly after, the pride of inner-city Cabbagetown Glen Metropolit scored to tie the game in front of probably a bunch of friends and family who don’t usually get $400 tickets presented to them.

And because of Komisarek’s penalty, which he’ll do often this year, the Canadiens changed the momentum, and Josh Gorges, who no one in North America took in their hockey pool, finished it off and the Habs win the big opener.

Thanks, Mike Komisarek. We appreciate it. Things kind of backfired on you, didn’t they?

Josh Gorges is now on pace to score 82 goals this year.

I feel it’s not important to dwell on the fact the Canadiens were outplayed and badly outshot. Things can get straightened out. It’s time to look at the good, like the play of Mike Cammellari and Brian Gionta, and especially Carey Price. The team didn’t back down from any of the rough stuff. And best of all, it’s two big points. Like they say, points in October are just as important as points six months from now.

And it was the Leafs.

Random Notes:

Carey Price came through with flying colours, facing 46 shots. His teammates had 27 on Vesa Toskala.

Andre Markov went off with some kind of foot or ankle injury. Not only is it crucial that Markov isn’t seriously injured because of his value to the team, but also because I have him in my hockey pool.

Georges Laraque and Colton Orr pounded each other early in the game. Later on, Travis Moen, who also scored a goal, traded blows with a guy named Rosehill.

Those two rich-looking dudes with the coiffed hair who we see every year it seems, have their same seats again behind the Leafs players’ bench at the ACC Centre. They look like they own a major chain of hairdressing salons.

Canadiens are in Buffalo Saturday night in the second of five straight road games, the last three being Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton.

25 thoughts on “We’ll Take These Two Points, Thank You Very Much”

  1. I love it, Josh Georges, our new team scoring leader. Even better, Laraque made a positive impact.

    You’re looking at the half empty side of Komisarek’s cup (sorry for the ugly image). The Leafs were scored upon twice when he wasn’t available to defend because he was locked away in the penalty box. And him in the penalty box is good for the team since, the Leafs scored when he was safely there not giving away the puck. It’s like win-win for both he and the Leafs.

    Now if we could only do something about that silly point for losing.

  2. That was a good fight for BGL. No way do we want Colton Orr to get some sort of reputation. Georges got some good ones in. And the big question is? Will Josh Gorges score 50 goals in fifty games?

  3. Price looking better than ever

    Cammy and Gionta, Couldn’t have had a better game.

    4th line contributing on offense.

    Gorges, the man who never scores, pots in the game winner

    Looking promising, boys!

  4. I honestly think that Gorges can score 15-25 goals this year, at the rate of intensity that he’s playing right now

    Gionta can score 40 easily
    Cammalleri can score 45
    Gomez can rack up about 90 points.
    Carey’s going to be a top 5 goalie this year
    Jacques Martin wins Jack Adams

    Habs win the Cup

  5. Now you’re talkin’, Phil. Good forecasting. Habs weren’t great last night but Price was solid, which is the most important thing. Still waiting to hear about Markov.

  6. ~ Dou$harek took too much testosterone. Keep it up mikey, moe likey you losey.

    ~ Habs played 1/2 a game and still won. Lots of work to do.

    ~ Happy Birthday Coach Martin.

    ~ Love the Cammi-to-Giontaonetimer!

    ~ Price was solid behind a porous D (but we all know he loves a titled SOG cuz he usually wins those).

    ~ Keep playing your truculent troglodytes, pugnastic putzes and belligerent buffoons Burke.

    ~ cbc was beyond biased for their leaf. Not surprising from these Sickos.

    ~ acc typically half-empty during pre-game and still empty betwixt periods (and oh so quiet). Not real hockey fans despite what the CotU media grams down Canadians throats.

  7. Things don’t look good on the Markov front. RDS is reporting he is in a Toronto hospital and may require surgery. The cut was on his ankle, if it’s tendon damage you’re looking at 6 months. Yikes. On the other hand, it’ll show what this team is really made of.

  8. -Latest on Markov is two to four months

    -RDS mentioned that Gill shouldn’t play more than 20 minutes a game, I think I agree

    -A mention in dispatches from me would go to Plekanec, good hustle last night

    -Beat up your own team mates at the end of the game is a good sign!

    -Toronto fans are horrible, they sort of cheered when they scored but not the other 40+ chances they had.

  9. Dennis,

    I’ve got to say im really liking the look of the habs this year. Its still real early but Gionta looked liked the 48 goal scorer he was a few years back and Cammalleri looked like his usual self. I’ve been praising these signings by the habs all off season. They may be small but the entire league is getting smaller. To me its a no brainer that the habs will be playoff bound this year as long as they dont get held back with injuries. I really enjoyed watching them play last night. I wish I could say something positive about my canucks, its to bad they couldnt have played the first two periods like they played in the 3rd. One more thing, we didnt invite you into are hockey pool so you could jump out into the lead after the first night, if this keeps up you might lose your invite into it next year……

  10. Well DK; I don’t care how many shots the Laughs took, we in Hab’s land only care about the ones behind the goalie !!! To me 4 sounds better than three !
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  11. Yeah, you’ve been saying Gainey was doing the right thing all along. You knew! Markov out is going to hurt the team, (and my hockey pool). So we’ll see. Thanks, Jordy.

  12. Ryan – I loved it when they beat each other up at the end, it was neat. And you’re right, Plekanec had some jam which was nice to see. And I was proud of Price. As for Markov, I feel it’s not the end of the world. He’ll be back for the big push.

  13. I saw lots of good with Montreal. They’re going to be exciting to watch for sure. Cammellari’s play before Gorges goal was great. We should see lots of that sort of thing.

  14. The only thing i wasn’t very impressed about was the defense, I mean, 40 shots? Come on…

    But the rest was looking great.

    The top line was doing what they were supposed to, speed through everybody, which is exactly how the Gionta one timer was scored

    And the fourth line contributed in offense with their expected grittiness by winning all the battles in the corners.

    Carey was almost unstoppable.

    I am satisfied

  15. I have an opinion on how to use your team’s toughness. And to my calculation, Wilson failed in his first game with the new “big bad tough blue dudes”….

    I didn’t find there was any intimidation… and all that crap about “the smurfs”…etc. What the heck are those fans talkin’ about??

    First off Mr Wilson, where was the intimidation? Rosehill vs Moen. Orr vs Laraque. After those 2 fights, both Orr and Rosehill WERE NOT used for practically the entire game, while we saw Jacques Martin getting good productive ice time from both Moen and Laraque.

    Having intimidators in your line up who aren’t used but 2 minutes each in the game… seems like a bad strategy. What a waste of roster spots in my opinion.

    Both of Mr Wilson’s “intimidators” were equalized in the first period.

    While some of the “analysts”, “experts” and other fans were busy criticizing the team’s size (more accurately 3 or 4 of our players size), Gionta has been busy scoring goals. Thank God he doesn’t believe the crap those guys talk. He (Gionta) has already built his career on being a great hockey player. Not a smurf.

    What I saw on Thursday… and yes, it is only one game…. is that the Habs CAN probably play with the teams that will want to stir it up. When it’s all said and done, a team can take runs at another team all night but if they don’t also play their offensive lines… then what’s the point?

    HabsInside/Out have a picture of Wilson’s note card from the game… it highlights some small players… like Cammalleri and Gionta being small…

    Hey Ron! Do you think they cared about you thinking they were small?? They were to busy scoring on your team to care….

    What matters in the end is the “W”.

    Anyway… that’s my rant for the day.

  16. Good comments, Yves. They didn’t intimidate at all. Our fighters can fight anybody in the league. I’d love to know what Wilson and Burke think about Komisarek’s stupidity that cost them the game, two goals while he was in the box. Toronto’s such a joke.

  17. Know what’s intimidating? Being a defenseman and watching a 6’4″ 245lbs pack of muscle and noted heavyweight champion of the League slowly breakaway with the puck. Most players are pretty terrified of Laraque even when he’s just standing there… They don’t want to get hit by him either. (I saw one player last year duck and cover when BGL faked a check on him, and I believe there was a small yellow pool behind the net afterwards).

    Orr isn’t intimidating. Bouillon used to beat him up regularily.

  18. And Georges did alright. I was proud of him. I’m especially happy that he wasn’t smiling, he was getting down to business.

  19. Number31 + Dennis:


    And like last night…. Laraque goes in behind the Sabres goal, takes out a Dman with a big hit.. Montreal gets a scoring chance.

    If he keeps playing like this and throws the gloves every now and then.. I think that he’ll be effective.

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