We’ll Take A Win, Thank You Very Much

Habs visit Washington tonight and do you know what that means?

It means hockey is back after a winter week of Summer of Love.

It means Bruce Boudreau is going to swear a lot.

It means with a win the Habs can catch the Rangers sitting in 6th place, and come within two points of the Caps.

It means that 35% of players polled feel Washington is overrrated as opposed to 11% who feel Montreal is overrated. How can the Canadiens be considered overrated? Most media people outside of Montreal haven’t given this team a chance since the season began. I’ve yet to hear anyone on any panel give them a hope in hell. They should make the playoffs but not in easy fashion. So how come they’re overrated?

Who rated them highly in the first place, aside from us?

13 thoughts on “We’ll Take A Win, Thank You Very Much”

  1. I note from my reading that the Canadiens are one of the selected teams for the upcoming icefest that is the Heritage Classic.

    (I’m sure the fact that the promotional truck’s 5 city tour doesn’t actually go to Montreal is down to the poor state of the roads or something………)

  2. Danno thanks. I find it interesting that Ovechkin says Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I was there once and aside from Red Square and a few embassies, I didn’t see a whole lot of beauty.

  3. And Blue Bayou, some players are declining to play in the oldtimers game that weekend, like Chris Chelios and Bobby Smith. Anyway, I haven’t read anything about the five city tour. Is Powell River one of them?

  4. I think “City” is the operative word here…..

    Talking of Ovie I saw a vid of him taking shots at Russian dolls hung at various points in a goal net. Wrecked most of them one by one.

    As a non-hockey player who couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo I was genuinely amazed at the accuracy. I suppose loads of players can do it but I’ve rarely seen these tricks.

    Can’t find a link but you’ve probably seen it.

  5. Dennis, do you think you could volunteer that dastardly Gaston to go for target practice with Ovechkin?

  6. Blue Bayou, I thought it was a waste of of some nice dolls. Those things are getting more and more expensive. Myself as an ex smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers midgets, I could hit wooden dolls with my shot. But they’d have to be full size and six feet away.

  7. Danno,

    If you’re not, you should have been a librarian/archivist. Perhaps you worked in the Library of Alexnadria in another life. Thanks for digging that out.


    I’m not in favour of wanton destruction either. Perhaps they were factory rejects?

    Oh nearly game time

  8. Dennis you asked “Who rated them highly in the first place, aside from us?” We are the biggest, smartest most knowledgeable segment of the hockey world. When we talk, everyone should listen. It’s not so bad that only 11%, mostly in the media, incorrectly think the Habs are overrated. If they were as smart as they think they are, they’d be one of us.

  9. Right on, Christopher. Great comment. It still kind of pisses me off, though, that 11% would even think that.

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