7 thoughts on “We’ll Be Working On His Slapshot”

  1. Cute as a button! And proud looking too, as he should be. Cameron looks like he would fit right in the Habs lineup right now and tower over those speedy Smurfs, Gionta and Camalleri.

    Good thing he didn’t end up with a Leafs sweater like this poor kid…


  2. Dennis, he looks like a natural goalie to me-look at those sharp, intelligent eyes just scanning the horizon! Even his defiant stance! He’s a cutie, you are truly blessed!

  3. Look at the intensity in those eyes. I see the second coming of the Rocket. Look at that smile wearing a Habs shirt. No way is he ever going to be anything but a devoted Habs fan. Way to go Dennis.

  4. Looks like a tough kid, I see Larry Robinson 2.0 coming our way, make sure he gets his protein.

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