Welcome To The Big Leagues, Kid

The Florida Panthers, along with some media types, are in a flap after Travis Moen said hello to Panthers’ rookie Eric Gudbranson late in the Habs 6-2 thrashing of the Cats.

It’s funny how some folks get holier-than-thou all of a sudden.

Moen had slammed Evgeny Dadonov into the boards and young Gudbranson took offence to this act and rushed to the aid of his teammate. But in doing so, Gudbrandson became the receiver of a Travis Moen knuckle sandwich.

I don’t see the problem. What it is it? The kid jumped Moen and Moen smucked him.

This is the NHL, not Woodstock.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Big Leagues, Kid”

  1. I see I made quote of the day again on this one. LOL Sweet! How about the Panther still wailing on Dumont after he had turtled? Yeah, thought so.

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