Welcome To My Part Of The World

The Vancouver Olympics kick off Friday night and in the next couple of weeks you’ll be seeing a lot of the west coast of Canada.

I live 80 miles up the coast from Vancouver, in Powell River, a little town of 17,000, and often I can hear sea lions barking down at the water as I’m sitting in my back yard. Deer come in our yard when we’re not looking, so does a family of coons, and whales are seen from time to time up and down the area. Last year my wife and I sat in a restaurant south of town and watched a whale play around out in the water as we ate. And porpoises and dolphins follow the ferry over to Vancouver Island.

So when you see west coast scenery when you’re watching the Olympics, you’re in my territory.

Welcome. I’m kind of proud to be saying this.

The following video shows the torch relay getting off the ferry that I work for. I, ahem, helped the torch relay get on the boat by processing everybody’s passes, and you see them get off after a 45 minute crossing and head down to Sechelt, just north of Vancouver. And the second video shows a cool time-lapse of Vancouver.

10 thoughts on “Welcome To My Part Of The World”

  1. “Hey camera-man, can you put the camera on me? I’m kind of a big deal. I own a Habs blog, and i have numerous fans.”

  2. Dennis, you are a brush with greatness once again!
    You must try to remember that according to the mayor….Powell River is a city now….no longer a little town, what with Tim H. coming et all.
    So, I’d like to let you know …..you heard it here 1st–from me….we both will be cheering on the SAME team for the next several days.

  3. That section of the track looks very dangerous. A curve followed by a low wall and unprotected supports.

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